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About J-PAL Scholars

J-PAL is invested in creating more opportunities for researchers from low- and middle-income countries to develop and drive the research agenda in their regions through the use of randomized evaluations.

J-PAL Scholars Programs provide funding, mentorship, and training opportunities to researchers from low- and middle-income countries. We currently have Scholars Programs in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East & North Africa


South Asia:

Middle East and North Africa (MENA):


Where Scholars are Based

A world map shows countries highlighted in green in which regional scholars live across North America, Africa, Europe, MENA, and South Asia.

Common Program Components

J-PAL Scholars programs vary in terms of funding and eligibility (click on the individual program pages linked above for details). However, all J-PAL Scholars programs feature the following elements:

Funding: Researchers from sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are eligible to apply for funding for research projects in the above thematic areas, while those from the MENA region receive stipends to support scholars’ time participating in fellowship program activities, including working on an impact evaluation in the MENA region.

Mentorship: All J-PAL Scholars are matched with J-PAL affiliate or invited researcher mentors. Mentors advise on all aspects of the research process, including research design, project implementation, and data analysis.

Technical training and continuing education: Throughout the year, J-PAL staff run webinars and workshops related to designing and implementing randomized evaluations. J-PAL Scholars are also invited to take courses in J-PAL and MIT’s MicroMasters Program in Data, Economics, and Design of Policy (DEDP). 

Staff support: In addition to the mentorship provided by J-PAL affiliated researchers, experienced J-PAL staff provide support on research design and project implementation.

Contact us

Please visit the regional pages linked above for more information on our scholars programs, including eligibility, application processes, and open RFPs. For general inquiries, including information on how to support J-PAL scholars, please contact us at [email protected].

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