J-PAL's Claire Walsh receives MIT Excellence Award

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On March 21, Claire Walsh, a Senior Policy Manager at J-PAL Global, received one of the highest honors of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology—the Excellence Award for Outstanding Contributor, awarded to members of the MIT community who consistently go above and beyond in their work, take initiative, and solve problems. Claire is the second staffer from J-PAL to be honored with this award after Caitlin Tulloch, a Senior Policy Associate at J-PAL Global, received it in 2011.

Claire joined us in 2012 after completing her master in development economics and international business relations at Tufts University’s Fletcher School. In her nearly seven years at J-PAL, she has made numerous contributions that have been invaluable to J-PAL’s growth and success, including managing the Environment and Energy sector, the Innovations in Government Initiative (IGI), the production of J-PAL publications, outreach to impact investors, and a large grant that helped expand the policy group worldwide.

“What drew me to J-PAL was its cutting-edge research and policy outreach. What I did not see until I got here is that the most incredible thing about J-PAL is its people. My colleagues' drive, creativity, intelligence, and empathy make me continually grateful to be part of this organization,” said Claire, “and it’s been really rewarding to be part of a research center where the staff can play an important role in driving its evolution and growth.”

“Claire is truly exemplary in the quality of her work, and in her dedication to J-PAL's mission and community," said Iqbal Dhaliwal, Executive Director of J-PAL. “This award is an opportunity to celebrate not only Claire’s achievements, but also the hard work and commitment of J-PAL’s 400+ staff worldwide who go the extra mile every day.” Read more about the award >>

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