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Empowering adolescents to transform schools: Lessons from behavioural targeting

This column reports on a programme targeting ‘challenging’ students at disadvantaged middle schools in Turkey, in which senior students were tasked with delivering the curriculum to junior students.

Esther Duflo Appointed As New President Of The Paris School Of Economics Following The Passing Of Daniel Cohen In August

The Paris School of Economics (PSE) announced on Thursday, January 12th that Esther Duflo is the new president of the board of directors. She succeeds Daniel Cohen, who passed away in August.

J-PAL Europe named Uzbekistan the country of the month

The European Bureau of the Abdul Latif Jamil Anti-Poverty Action Laboratory (J-PAL Europe) named Uzbekistan the country of the month.

The Roots of War

To discern why we fight, we should ask why we do not. Article adapted from Why We Fight: The Roots of War and the Paths to Peace by Chris Blattman.

Uzbek accents are to be heard in the global experience

From May 10-11, J-PAL Europe staff met with representatives of the Center for Economic Research and Reforms under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to discuss potential collaborations on evidence-based antipoverty research.

FCDO Appoints New Chief Economist

J-PAL affiliate, Adnan Qadir Khan was appointed the new chief economist of the UK's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. Khan takes over for Rachel Glennerster, who is also a J-PAL affiliate.

Research from Europe Points to Online Tutoring as a Potent Weapon Against Learning Loss

Research conducted by J-PAL affiliates in light of the Covid-19 pandemic suggests that participating in online tutoring programs yields academic and mental health benefits for students.

Exclusive: France to launch development innovation fund chaired by Esther Duflo

France will start a Fund for Innovation in Development next year to test and scale up solutions to poverty and inequality, a move its founders hope will “transform” the country’s approach to aid.