Artículos de Noticias sobre J-PAL y nuestros Comunicados de Prensa 
Marzo 24, 2015 -
Providence Journal

On March 26, Amy Finkelstein will deliver the annual Paul Levinger Lecture at Brown University.

Marzo 24, 2015 -
WPFW 89.3 FM

Rachel Glennerster discusses J-PAL's work in both areas. (Segment begins at 37:51.)

Marzo 19, 2015 -
Stanford Social Innovation Review

How a proven intervention--deworming kids--was scaled to millions in Kenya.

Marzo 18, 2015 -
MIT News

Amy Finkelstein spotted an opportunity to bring randomized evaluation to one of the most pressing questions of the day.

Marzo 17, 2015 -
The Wall Street Journal

A fresh debate on microcredit has been prompted by J-PAL affiliates' research.

Marzo 16, 2015 -

J-PAL's latest policy bulletin has sparked discussions about the use of microcredit in development.

Marzo 16, 2015 -

Dean Karlan discusses the influential new studies on microcredit's social impact.

Marzo 11, 2015 -
Fast Company

Microfinance does allow people to start new businesses and generate revenue—it just doesn't lead to higher income.

Marzo 3, 2015 -
Washington Post Blog

A summary of the findings outlined in J-PAL and IPA's microcredit policy bulletin.

Marzo 3, 2015 -
The Brown Daily Herald

At a recent panel discussion featuring his work, J-PAL affiliate Raj Chetty spoke about inequality of opportunity in America.