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Agosto 1, 2015 -
The Economist

A multi-country study comes up with a universal method to help the very poor.

Julio 30, 2015 -

J-PAL affiliate Edward Miguel finds that most households and businesses in Kenya still face major barriers to accessing electricity.

Julio 24, 2015 -
Harvard University

The Cochrane Review’s recommendation is at odds with most other groups in the policy discussion on deworming. 

Julio 23, 2015 -
Evidence Action

The case for mass school-based deworming in endemic countries stands on two legs: First, the body of rigorous evidence that supports mass deworming as a cost-effective intervention. Second, mass treatment without first testing for infection is cheap, safe, and an efficient strategy for reaching lots of kids quickly.

Julio 23, 2015 -
The Conversation

A re-analysis of research on school-based deworming in Kenya strongly supports the finding that treatment improves school attendance of both children who are treated and those who are not.

Julio 23, 2015 -
World Economic Forum

Esther Duflo has been ranked as one of the 10 top women in economics as of June 2015.

Julio 23, 2015 -
Zambia Daily Mail

In Sierra Leone, researchers evaluated how debates impact voter behavior, campaign funding, and performance of elected politicians.

Julio 23, 2015 -
MIT News

PhD student Reshmaan Hussam’s study of Bangladeshis’ economic behavior leads to research on hand-washing.

Julio 23, 2015 -

J-PAL affiliate Edward Miguel discusses access to electricity in Kenya.

Julio 22, 2015 -
International Journal of Epidemiology

J-PAL affiliates Michael Kremer and Ted Miguel, along with Joan Hamory Hicks, interpret the evidence from the reanalysis as strongly supporting the findings of positive deworming treatment externalities and school participation impacts.