Artículos de Noticias sobre J-PAL y nuestros Comunicados de Prensa 
Octubre 23, 2014 -
MIT Spectrum

Amy Finkelstein talks about the results of the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment.

Octubre 23, 2014 -
The New York Times

Pratham, a J-PAL partner, is working to improve learning outcomes in India.

Octubre 22, 2014 -
World Bank Blogs

Savings programs can be used as a tool to improve consumption and income.

Octubre 20, 2014 -
World Economic Forum Blogs
Octubre 17, 2014 -
Stanford Social Innovation Review

J-PAL affiliate Dean Karlan summarizes the work done by J-PAL and IPA on credit, savings, and insurance to argue that NGOs are vital for bringing financial services to the poor.

Octubre 16, 2014 -
World Bank Blogs

Long-term follow-up studies on the effects of deworming can now reveal the cognitive benefits for children.

Octubre 9, 2014 -
Kiel Institute

The prize honors scholars with a distinguished record in the field of international economics.

Octubre 1, 2014 -
The Hindu

Esther Duflo discusses J-PAL's work in India--including how to improve service delivery, and scaling up effective programs.

Septiembre 25, 2014 -
The Washington Post

For-profit colleges can’t get no respect, at least not from employers. Which suggests that maybe they should be getting less generous taxpayer subsidies, too.

Septiembre 24, 2014 -
International Growth Centre

Rachel Glennerster discusses sustainable development in this video from IGC Growth Week 2014.