Artículos de Noticias sobre J-PAL y nuestros Comunicados de Prensa 
Diciembre 17, 2014 -
The LA Times

Strong evidence is key to determining a charity's impact.

Diciembre 16, 2014 -
Harvard Magazine

J-PAL affiliate Rohini Pande on the root causes of violence against women in South Asia.

Diciembre 15, 2014 -
The Wall Street Journal

Research by J-PAL affiliate Dean Karlan helps explain what gets people to give.

Diciembre 15, 2014 -
Harvard University

J-PAL affiliate Raj Chetty will speak on Saturday, January 3 at 4:45 p.m.

Diciembre 11, 2014 -
The New York Times

Research by J-PAL affiliate Donald Green finds that a 20-minute conversation can have lasting effects.

Diciembre 7, 2014 -
The Atlantic

Analysis shows that free preventative-health products are best.

Diciembre 6, 2014 -
The Economist

Behavioral economics is challenging commonly held assumptions about the poor.

Diciembre 4, 2014 -
Bloomberg Businessweek

How J-PAL has helped change the way economists approach development issues.

Diciembre 3, 2014 -

Can biometric payments for services reduce leakage and corruption?

Noviembre 27, 2014 -
The New York Times

On the success of village-based savings groups in Africa.