Artículos de Noticias sobre J-PAL y nuestros Comunicados de Prensa 
Octubre 6, 2015 -
The New York Times

Two studies--one in India, one in the US--highlight the need for independent auditors to evaluate government programs.

Octubre 6, 2015 -
The New York Times

An in-depth look at the evaluation of the federal weatherization assistance program study.

Octubre 3, 2015 -
The Tribune India

India is also on track to deworm 75 percent of schoolchildren by 2020.

Septiembre 29, 2015 -
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Amy Finkelstein talks about randomized controlled trials, health-care spending, and efficient care delivery.

Septiembre 25, 2015 -

Looking at data from 13 countries, Abhijit Banerjee and colleagues found that the poor find ways to purchase things they enjoy.

Septiembre 24, 2015 -
The New York Times

J-PAL's Environment & Energy Sector Chair, Michael Greenstone, makes the case for environmental regulation.

Septiembre 24, 2015 -
The Atlantic

Unconditional cash transfers can be an effective means of reducing poverty.

Septiembre 17, 2015 -
Freakonomics Radio

Cognitive behavioral therapy and cash incentives reduced criminal behavior among men in Liberia.

Septiembre 15, 2015 -
Deutsche Welle

Abhijit Banerjee is interviewed about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Septiembre 10, 2015 -
Freakonomics Radio

Can cognitive behavioral therapy replace more expensive, complicated crime-prevention programs?