Launching the Learning for All Initiative’s African Scholars Program

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J-PAL is excited to launch the Learning for All Initiative's (LAI) African Scholars program. We are hosting a webinar to provide an overview of the research agenda and the African Scholars program and cover information on best practices for applying to LAI. We will also discuss eligibility and engage in a Q&A.

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As part of the Fall 2023 request for proposals, LAI will be accepting letters of interest from eligible resident sub-Saharan African scholars. The eligible scholars include those who have completed a PhD in Economics or another empirical social science discipline, and are based at an academic institution in sub-Saharan Africa. Applicants must have completed PhD-level training in quantitative methods including statistics/econometrics.

Resident African Scholars are eligible to apply for Proposal Development Grants (up to US$10,000) and Pilot Grants (up to US$75,000). For additional funding details, please see our RFP web page.

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LAI supports randomized evaluations and scale projects to improve children’s learning, especially related to literacy, numeracy, and breadth of skills (including but not limited to cognitive, social, emotional, creative, and physical skills). In addition, LAI’s focus areas also include girls’ education, intersections of climate and education, and long and medium-term economic and health impacts of education interventions.

In addition, LAI encourages interdisciplinary study teams including both economists and researchers from other social science disciplines as co-PIs to apply.

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