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Incentivizing Safe Sex in Rural Tanzania

Damien de Walque
William H. Dow
Rose Nathan
Ramadhani Abdul
Faraji Abilahi
Erick Gong
Zachary Isdahl
Julian Jamison
Boniphace Jullu
Suneeta Krishnan
Albert Majura
Jeanne Moncada
Sally Mtenga
Mathew Alexander
Laura Mwanyangala
Julius Packel
Kizito Schachter
Carol A. Shirima
In Tanzania, researchers examined whether making cash payments conditional on testing negative for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can improve safe sex practices among young adults. They found that offering cash incentives of US$20 significantly reduced STI rates after one year, although...

Preventing Homelessness Among Youth and Families with Children

Researchers are evaluating the impact of case management and immediate financial assistance compared to only financial assistance on housing and health outcomes for youth and families with children.

Evaluating the Impact of Moving to Opportunity in the United States

Jeffrey Kling
Lisa Sanbonmatsu
Emma Adam
Greg J. Duncan
Ronald C. Kessler
Lisa A. Gennetian
Stacy Tessler Lindau
Thomas W. McDade
Joshua C. Pinkston
Robert C. Whitaker
Paul Hirschfield
Nathaniel Hendren

Rapid Re-Housing to Reduce Homelessness in the United States

James Sullivan
Researchers are evaluating the impact of rapid re-housing on homelessness and health outcomes for single adult individuals.

Subsidized Housing to Change the Economic Outcomes and Social Integration of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Samuel Leone
Emma Smith
Sandra Rozo
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation of a subsidized housing assistance program for refugees in Jordan to assess its impact on their economic outcomes, psychological well-being, long-term migration decisions, and social integration into their host community.

The Impact of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Cash Transfers on High-Risk Young Men in Liberia

Sebastian Chaskel
Margaret Sheridan
To understand the long-term effectiveness of CBT among adults, researchers evaluated the impact of a short-term CBT program and the distribution of unconditional cash transfers on the behavior of high-risk young men in Liberia. CBT reduced criminal behavior among participants both in the short run...