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The Impact of Entrepreneurship Training for Women in Uganda

Meredith Startz
In Uganda, researchers evaluated the effect of standardized business skills training on business performance as compared to more personalized mentoring services.

The Impact of Cash Transfers on Early Childhood Health and Cognitive Development in Nicaragua

Norbert Schady
Renos Vakis
In Nicaragua, researchers examined the impact of a national conditional cash transfer (CCT) program on early childhood health and development. They found that the program caused substantial and lasting improvements in child health and development outcomes. However, it seems that program components...

Long-Term Effects of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Nicaragua

Tania Barham
John A. Maluccio
Researchers worked with the Government of Nicaragua to evaluate the long-term impact of time-limited CCTs on education, reproductive health, and labor market outcomes. Ten years later, people whose families were offered cash transfers when they were younger children had higher labor force...

Understanding Male Fertility Preferences in Zambia

Alessandra Voena
Researchers in Zambia evaluated the impact of teaching husbands about the dangers of maternal mortality on their acceptance of family planning methods.

The Impact of Group-based Therapy and Cash Transfers on Adolescent Girls’ Mental Health and Economic Outcomes in Uganda

Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impacts of group-based therapy with and without a one-time lump sum cash transfers on the mental health and employment outcomes of adolescent girls in Uganda.