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Evaluating the Impact of a Growth Mindset Intervention in Argentina

In Argentina, a researcher evaluated whether informing students of their potential could be a cost-effective way to increase motivation and improve educational outcomes among secondary school students. They found that the intervention did not impact students’ perceptions of the difficulty of school...

The Impact of Secondary Education on Economic Decision-Making in Malawi

Researchers evaluated whether randomly providing financial support for secondary education could improve economic decision-making in addition to educational outcomes for secondary school students in Malawi. Results show that the intervention improved educational outcomes and economic decision-making...

Improving Immunization Coverage Through Incentives, Reminders, and Social Networks in India

Victor Chernozhukov
Suresh Dalpath
Mert Demirer
Iván Fernández-Val
Matthew Jackson
Francine Loza
Anna Schrimpf
Maheshwor Shrestha
Researchers worked with the state government to evaluate the impact of three programs to build demand for vaccination: local immunization ambassadors, small, non-financial incentives, and tailored SMS reminders. The most effective policy option increased measles vaccination by approximately 55...

Overcoming Barriers to Fertilizer Use in Kenya

Jonathan Robinson
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of offering coupons, facilitated discussion groups, and measuring spoons on fertilizer usage, fertilizer knowledge, and agriculture-related discussions amongst farmers. While discussion groups alone had no impact on fertilizer use...

The Impact of Citizen Monitoring on the 2019 Mayoral Elections in Colombia

Natalia Garbiras-Diaz
Mateo Montenegro
Researchers evaluated the impact of encouraging citizen monitoring on the 2019 mayoral elections in Colombia. The intervention resulted in higher reports from citizens and a reduction in observed irregularities in the election.

Matching Provider Race to Increase Take-up of Preventive Health Services among Black Men in the United States

Owen Garrick
Grant Graziani
Researchers examined the impact of race concordance (when the race of a patient matches that of their physician) and incentives on the take-up of preventive health services by Black men. Results indicate that physician race concordance significantly boosted demand for all preventive health services...

The Impact of Free Dental Health Services on Employment in Chile

Researchers evaluated the impact of access to a package of free dental services on employment levels for urban residents of Santiago, Chile. Results found that participants with access to these services had better dental health, and that self-esteem and short-term employment increased among women...

Voter Information Campaigns and the Delhi Municipal Councillors 2011 Election

Anjali Bhardwaj
Nils Enevoldsen
Michael Walton
Although 20 percent of the population in New Delhi, India live in slums and represent an important voter group for politicians, public service provision in slums remains inadequate. In an ongoing study, researchers evaluated whether providing information to government officials and slum dwellers can...