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A teacher writes on chalk board in Kenya.


Flipcharts, School Inputs and Retrospective versus Prospective Analyses in Kenya

Michael Kremer, Paul Glewwe , Sylvie Moulin, Eric Zitzewitz

Evidence from Kenyan primary schools suggests that retrospective studies may seriously overestimate the impact of school inputs such as visual flipcharts on learning.


Vouchers for Private Schooling in Colombia

Eric Bettinger, Michael Kremer , Joshua Angrist, Erik Bloom, Elizabeth King, Juan Saavedra

Colombia used lotteries to distribute vouchers which partially covered the cost of private secondary school for students who maintained satisfactory academic progress. Three years after the lotteries, winners were about 10 percentage points more likely to have finished 8th grade, primarily because they were less likely to repeat grades, and scored 0.2 standard deviations higher on achievement...

Education, Health, Gender

Peer Effects, Alcohol, and College Roommates in the United States

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to measure the impact of having a roommate who drank alcohol frequently before college on college students' grade point averages (GPAs). Results show that, while female students' GPAs were not affected by their roommate's drinking prior to college, male students' GPAs were significantly reduced by being assigned to a roommate who drank frequently...

Education, Crime, Violence, & Conflict

Peer Effects, Diversity, and College Roommates in the United States

Dan Levy, Michael Kremer , Johanne Boisjoly, Greg Duncan, Jacque Eccles

Researchers in the United States assessed the impact on college students of having a roommate from a different. White students assigned to a black roommate were more likely to endorse affirmative action policies than those assigned to a white roommate. Other factors, such as having roommates from high-income or low-income backgrounds, also influenced students' behavior and attitudes towards...


Teacher Incentives Based on Students' Test Scores in Kenya

Michael Kremer, Paul Glewwe , Nauman Ilias

In partnership with International Child Support, researchers designed and evaluated a incentives program that provided salary bonuses to teachers in Kenya based on the performance of their school as a whole on annual district exams. While results show that the incentives program led to an increase in student test scores, researchers believe that this increase was due to improved test-taking...