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Mitigating the Economic and Mental Health Impacts of Covid-19 in India

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected health systems and economies across the world. Low-income communities have experienced particularly detrimental impacts, as a lack of financial stability further exacerbated augment the crisis. In partnership with the mental health care center SCARF, researchers...

A Multifaceted Approach to Increase Women’s Empowerment in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Researchers evaluated a multifaceted program for women experiencing extreme poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a region facing protracted conflict. The intervention had positive and enduring effects on women’s consumption, employment, finances, and empowerment, and small positive impacts...

The Oregon Experiment: Effects of Medicaid on Clinical Outcomes

Jae Song
Sarah Taubman
Heidi L. Allen
Mira Bernstein
Bill Wright
Jonathan Gruber
Joseph P. Newhouse
Eric Schneider
Alan Zaslavsky

Improving Targeting of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Indonesia

Vivi Alatas
Ririn Purnamasari
Matthew Wai-Poi
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation with the Indonesian government that compared self-targeting to automatic screening in the context of a conditional cash transfer program. Requiring households to apply for a cash transfer program in Indonesia discouraged rich households from seeking out...

Improving Governance Through Biometric Authentication and Secure Payments: Evaluating the AP Smarcard Program

In India, a biometrically authenticated payment system reduced corruption and substantially improved the delivery of government social assistance programs despite partial implementation.

How Income Growth Shapes the State: A Village-Level Randomized Controlled Trial on Unconditional Cash Transfers, Community Engagement, and Local Politician Responses in Kenya

Michael Walker
Citizen participation in local civic affairs and in decision-making processes around village resources can be a way to align policies with local preferences, hold politicians accountable, and improve public service delivery. In rural Western Kenya, researchers are partnering with GiveDirectly to...