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Visualizing Future Benefits to Increase Preventive Health Investment, Savings, and Labor Supply in Kenya

Anett John
Researchers evaluated the impact of light-touch psychological interventions on health and economic outcomes, with a particular focus on the chlorination of drinking water. After twelve weeks, visualizing the future increased objectively measured chlorination; it also reduced diarrhea episodes among...

Improving Immunization Coverage Through Incentives, Reminders, and Social Networks in India

Suresh Dalpath
Matthew O. Jackson
Francine Loza
Maheshwor Shrestha
Victor Chernozhukov
Mert Demirer
Iván Fernández-Val
Researchers worked with the state government to evaluate the impact of three programs to build demand for vaccination: local immunization ambassadors, small, non-financial incentives, and tailored SMS reminders. The most effective policy option increased measles vaccination by approximately 55...

Rapid Re-Housing to Reduce Homelessness in the United States

James Sullivan
Researchers are evaluating the impact of rapid re-housing on homelessness and health outcomes for single adult individuals.

Clinical Decision Support for Radiology Imaging in the United States

Sarah Abraham
Sarah Reimer
Researchers studied the impact of a clinical decision support software system on high-cost imaging orders. They found that clinical decision support reduced the number of high-cost scans targeted by the software but did not change the total number of high-cost scans ordered.

Providing information on wood heating to decrease indoor air pollution in France

Coralie Chevallier
Rita Abdel Sater
Mathieu Perona
Researchers evaluated the impact of a program in France that monitored indoor pollution and informed households of the negative effects of wood heating. Overall, the program led to a reduction in the usage of wood heating but only for households who received personalized feedback on their pollution...

Financial Incentives and an Adolescent Empowerment to Reduce Child Marriage in Rural Bangladesh

Nina Buchmann
Shahana Nazneen
Xiao Yu Wang
Researchers evaluated the impacts of an incentive program and an adolescent empowerment program on child marriage, teenage childbearing, and education in rural Bangladesh. Financial incentives conditional on delayed marriage reduced child marriage and teenage childbearing, and increased education...