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Cash and Compliance with Social Distancing in Ghana

The researchers aim to understand the role that digital cash transfers can play as a policy tool both to increase household resilience during the pandemic and to stem the spread of the disease by increasing adherence to social distancing in Ghana.

The Impact of Mass Media and Family Planning Campaigns on Contraception Use in Burkina Faso

Researchers evaluated the impact impact of both general exposure to mass media and an intensive family planning campaign on contraception. Increasing exposure to general mass media reduced contraception use in this context. However, a high-quality family planning radio campaign offset the negative...

The Impact of a Text-based Campaign on Intimate Partner Violence in Peru

Javiera Romero
In partnership with the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru, researchers are evaluating a text-based campaign designed to help men regulate their emotions and reduce perpetration of IPV during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Giving effective information to fight COVID-19

Sergio Bautista
Enrique Seira Bejarano
Martin Lajous
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of public health messages on hand washing and compliance with government mandated guidelines in Mexico.

The Effect of Informative Letters on the Prescription and Receipt of Seroquel in the United States

Shantanu Agrawal
Michael Barnett
Frank Tetkoski
David Yokum
This study evaluated the impact of strongly-worded peer comparison review letters sent to high prescribers of quetiapine by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on prescribing behavior and patient-level outcomes. Researchers found that the letters caused substantial and long-lasting...