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How filling in the information gaps can increase student learning

Educators around the world are currently engaging in many creative strategies to encourage learning despite closed schools, social distancing policies, and other COVID-imposed obstacles to traditional classroom-based learning. This blog summarizes the key takeaway messages from J-PAL’s new policy...
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New King Climate Action Initiative will design, test, and scale solutions to combat climate change and poverty

Today, in partnership with King Philanthropies, we announced the launch of the five-year $25 million King Climate Action Initiative (K-CAI) at J-PAL. The initiative will support innovative research and policy engagement to combat climate change and poverty around the world.
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Alumni Voices: A new era of humanitarian action

  • Bhavya Srinivasan
In this inaugural post in the Alumni Voices series, Bhavya Srinivasan (former Senior Finance and Operations Manager, J-PAL South Asia ’14) discusses her work at Start Network to build a stronger humanitarian system for the COVID-19 response.
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Nana Okozi, J-PAL ‘16, on managing data from start to finish

We caught up with Nana Okozi, a former project officer at J-PAL Africa. Nana joined J-PAL Africa in 2015 and led training and data collection for many of its research projects. Now a project coordinator at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), Nana is helping to coordinate...
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A personal reflection on summer youth employment programs

As part of the June issue of J-PAL North America’s monthly newsletter, Yiping Li, a Policy Associate at J-PAL North America, shared her personal experience with Chicago’s summer youth employment program, One Summer Chicago.
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Adrien Bouguen, J-PAL ‘12, on his path from research assistant to assistant professor

Adrien Bouguen joined J-PAL Europe as a research assistant in 2009, where he played a central role in establishing our then-fledgling European office. Now an assistant professor of economics at Santa Clara University, his research focuses on the economics of education and child development.
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Announcing J-PAL’s newly updated research resources

Structured around the lifecycle of a project, these research resources provide practical guidance on conducting RCTs and include templates, checklists, and concrete advice based on J-PAL’s deep experience implementing field research projects.
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Launching J-PAL’s newest regional office in the Middle East and North Africa

J-PAL MENA will support the region’s development priorities, including COVID-19 response and recovery. J-PAL MENA's Scientific Directors and Interim Executive Director lay out their vision for the office in this letter.