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Overcoming administrative burdens: Strategies to increase FAFSA filing in the United States

A new J-PAL policy insight highlights evidence from randomized evaluations on interventions to increase FAFSA filing rates. In this post, we situate the insight within the larger context of higher education and barriers to accessing public programs, also known as “administrative burdens.”
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DEDP Alumni Spotlight: Varied paths, one mission toward evidence-based poverty alleviation

We are delighted to share the accomplishments of three alumni from the DEDP Master’s program at MIT. These exceptional individuals represent the growing number of alumni who embark on varied, ambitious careers in a wide range of roles within research, policy, and implementing organizations, but...
A NEPI employee speaks with a respondent to determine their eligibility for the STYL program near Monrovia, Liberia

Preventing violence at scale: How practitioners are using evidence to adapt and scale CBT programs

A growing number of crime and violence prevention programs are drawing on psychosocial techniques to help shift people’s behaviors and attitudes, offering a potentially low-cost alternative to more traditional security sector strategies. In particular, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been...
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Fostering inclusion in economics: Matt Notowidigdo on the value (and limitations) of mentorship

In part three of a series on fostering inclusion in the field of economics, Matt Notowidigdo (University of Chicago) discusses the value of mentorship on advancing diversity and inclusion in the field of economics.
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Fostering inclusion in economics: Alicia Sasser Modestino on gender and the dynamics of economics seminars

In part two of a series on fostering inclusion in the field of economics, Alicia Sasser-Modestino (Northeastern University) discusses gender dynamics in economics seminars.
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Fostering inclusion in economics: Marianne Bertrand on addressing professional conduct with the American Economics Association

In part one of a series on fostering inclusion in the field of economics, we sat down with Marianne Bertrand (University of Chicago) about addressing professional conduct with the American Economics Association (AEA).
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Building research partnerships between clinicians and economists: A recap from a 2023 ASHEcon panel

At the American Association of Health Economists 2023 Annual Conference (ASHEcon), J-PAL North America staff organized a roundtable discussion on building research partnerships between clinicians and economists. This panel featured researchers from two randomized evaluations that brought together...
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Tailoring training modules to strengthen evaluation partnerships: J-PAL’s custom courses

This is the second blog in a series illustrating stories of how J-PAL’s training courses have built new policy and research partnerships and strengthened existing ones to advance evidence-informed decision-making.