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Two people dressed in personal protective equipment administer COVID-19 tests to people inside a car.

Building an effective COVID-19 response: Strategies to improve health care delivery and increase health equity

Better understanding and addressing the social determinants of health is critical to improving individual and population health and advancing health equity. J-PAL North America’s COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Initiative aims to contribute to knowledge in this area by testing strategies to...
Four people wearing white hazard suits clean up oil on a beach

Rigorously evaluating Europe’s climate change response

As part of a series on J-PAL’s expanding research on climate change issues, this post highlights the potential for using randomized evaluations to inform evidence-based climate policy in Europe.
A group of DEDP master's students stand behind a table in an MIT classroom.

Celebrating our first graduates in the Data, Economics, and Development Policy master’s program

In January 2020, 22 students from across the world joined us on MIT’s campus as the first cohort in the master’s program in Data, Economics, and Development Policy (DEDP). Developed by MIT’s Department of Economics and J-PAL, the program represents a new approach to higher education by combining...
A group of people stand outside a school.

Reflections on seven years at J-PAL Africa working to inform policy with evidence

  • Emily Cupito
After seven years working with J-PAL Africa, I am transitioning to a new role working in local school systems in the United States. Working with J-PAL Africa (and, in recent years, TaRL Africa) has been one of the greatest joys of my life. As I step away, I want to share a few reflections about how...
A young boy wearing headphones writes on a piece of paper in front of a laptop

Building an effective COVID-19 response: Addressing the education crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant reductions in the quality and quantity of schooling across the United States. J-PAL North America’sThe COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience InitiativeCOVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Initiative aims to identify effective ways to support students...
Headshot of a woman

Affiliate Spotlight: Sarah Cohodes on remote education, school reopenings, and student learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the new school year begins and COVID-19 cases continue to spread across the United States, questions remain about how to educate students effectively and safely. We sat down with affiliate Sarah Cohodes to discuss the school reopening process, the impact of remote learning on students and parents...
People wearing masks walking along a crowded sidewalk

Building an effective COVID-19 response: A guide for future research

How can policy leaders best support their communities in the face of the joblessness, educational setbacks, and trauma inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic? Rigorous evidence will play a critical role in helping us understand which policies and programs will truly work to help communities recover in...
Two women smiling.

A conversation with Research in Color on the importance of mentorship in the economics profession

J-PAL’s Economics Transformation Project team spoke with the Research in Color Foundation Founder and President, Chinemelu Okafor, and Vice President, Rahma Ahmed, on their mission to increase the number of PhD students of color in economics and economics-adjacent disciplines in order to build a...