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A man waters his crops.

Using insurance and climate-smart technologies to help farmers cope with weather-based risk

An urgent policy priority, both to increase farmers’ own productivity and profits and to contribute to stabilizing food security throughout these regions, is to provide accessible forms of risk protection. J-PAL’s updated Policy Insight reviews 23 randomized evaluations on common interventions...
From left to right: Kim Desmond, Mary Ann Bates, Elizabeth Linos, and Stan John in panel discussion

Three lessons from J-PAL North America’s ten year convening

Across a breadth of topics covered at J-PAL North America's ten year convening, speakers touched on common themes about how to generate evidence and inform policies effectively and equitably.
From left to right: Esther Duflo and Laura Arnold in conversation

Recapping a conversation between leaders in evidence-based policy making from J-PAL North America’s ten year convening

In this post, we highlight a conversation between Esther Duflo and Laura Arnold from J-PAL North America's ten year convening on building a culture of evidence-based policymaking.
White pills spilling from bottle

Encouraging rigorous, actionable research for opioid epidemic interventions in the United States

In this post, J-PAL North America reviews the ongoing studies supported by J-PAL North America on strategies to address the opioid epidemic and calls for further research in this pressing area.
SJY graduated households

Graduation approach: Updated insights and best practices at scale

Recently, J-PAL updated its Policy Insight on the Graduation approach, in addition to a guide outlining key lessons from the large-scale adaptation of the graduation program, Satat Jeevikoparjan Yojana (SJY) by the State Government of Bihar in India.
A group of men and women actively engaged during a community outreach on reproductive health

32 years of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence: An Evidence-Based Call to UNITE!

In the fight against gender-based violence (GBV) and intimate-partner violence (IPV), which disproportionately affect women and girls, involving men in the violence prevention may be the key to the puzzle. Many of the conventional approaches to addressing GBV and IPV have been through programs that...
Two doctors speaking with notepad

The role of health economics in addressing poverty and building better policy

J-PAL staff sat down with Matt Notowidigdo (University of Chicago), Co-Scientific Director of J-PAL North America, and Tal Gross (Boston University) to examine their new book's approach to health economics and the impact of randomized evaluations on their understanding of the health care system...
Ahmed Elsayed speaking at Global Evidence for Egypt Conference at the American University in Cairo.

20 for 20: Bringing global evidence to drive change for child and adolescent wellbeing in Egypt with UNICEF

  • Lina Nabarawy
This is the seventh post of J-PAL’s 20 for 20: Partner Voices blog series, where we showcase stories of results and impact with our partners to celebrate our twentieth anniversary. Read on to learn how J-PAL Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) partnership with UNICEF Egypt helps bring greater use...