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A group sits at tables while two people stand facing a white board.

Facilitating access to administrative data in education: a fruitful partnership between IDEE and the French Ministry of Education

To promote experimental research in education, IDEE collaborates with the French Ministry of National Education and Youth to develop new IT tools and resources, specifically an accessible online catalog of administrative data in education.
Four students collaborating around a computer

Empowering change-makers: The DEDP MicroMasters program expands to include a new Public Policy Track and course

The journey of the DEDP MicroMasters program has been marked by growth, reflection, and celebration. We are delighted to announce another milestone for the program: the launch of a new Public Policy Track to complement our existing curriculum. Accompanying this new Public Policy Track is a change in...
Participants at J-PAL SEA’s public dissemination, Challenging Perceptions on Child Marriage among Teenage Girls in Indonesia: A Randomized Experiment.

Understanding the hidden factors influencing child marriage: Lessons from an impact evaluation

In an effort to reduce child marriage, the Indonesian government has implemented various programs utilizing video-based information campaigns to drive behavioral change. Despite the widespread use of video campaigns, there is not rigorous evidence on their effectiveness. In this post, the J-PAL...
A woman sits with two children on either side of her.

Improving mental health in low- and middle-income settings: Key findings from rigorous research

Mental health conditions are prevalent worldwide, especially among people living in poverty. In 2017, an estimated 10.7 percent of the global population had at least one mental health disorder. Meanwhile, access to services remains low even for those who seek care. Evidence on how to close this...
Rows of people in a classroom with laptops.

Setting up international research collaborations for success

International research collaborations—those composed of principal investigator (PI) teams based in different countries—are increasingly common and have the potential to strengthen the capacity of research teams and the quality of research projects. As with any research collaboration, successful...
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At Yale, scholars and policymakers unite to improve state Medicaid program

  • Mike Cummings
On a recent morning, administrators of Connecticut’s Medicaid program visited Yale’s Tobin Center for Economic Policy for a brainstorming session. The meeting marked the beginning of a unique partnership between the State of Connecticut, the Tobin Center, and the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action...
High school students in classroom; one with hand raised

Researching racial equity: Stratification economics

In this blog post—part of a larger series on research and racial equity—Dania Francis (UMass Boston), a researcher in the J-PAL network, provides an overview of stratification economics and how the tenets of this framework can be applied to impact evaluations.
A student and tutor in a classroom

Tutoring Evaluation Accelerator: Building partnerships to accelerate learning

J-PAL North America announces a new partnership with Accelerate to launch the Tutoring Evaluation Accelerator, which aims to support ten tutoring providers from Accelerate’s Call to Effective Action to implement data-driven programs and generate critical evidence on tutoring.