Stuti Goyal

Headshot of Stuti Goyal

RET Operations Associate, J-PAL Global

Stuti is a Research, Education, and Training (RET) Operations Associate at J-PAL Global, where she works on research transparency and researcher pipeline diversification efforts. In her role, she manages the American Economic Association's registry for randomized controlled trials (AEA RCT Registry) and supports J-PAL regional scholars programs. Prior to joining J-PAL in 2022, Stuti worked as a fellow with the Pratham Education Foundation in New Delhi as part of the Measurement, Monitoring, and Evaluation (MME) team working on the COVID-19 Learning Loss project. She also interned with the Central Square Foundation as part of the private schools vertical. Stuti received her bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Economics from Smith College with a concentration in Statistics and Data Science.