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King Climate Action Initiative announces new research to test and scale climate solutions

J-PAL's King Climate Action Initiative (K-CAI) announces its first round of funded projects to generate evidence on the real-world effectiveness of policies and programs at the intersection of poverty and climate change.

Study: Covid-19 communications featuring racially diverse physicians can improve health outcomes for communities of color

In a new study, Esther Duflo, Ben Olken, Abhijit Banerjee, and Marcella Alsan find that improved public health messaging to Black, Latinx, and other communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic can increase Covid-19 knowledge and information-seeking in the United States. The study...

Growth Is Not Enough

J-PAL Global Executive Director Iqbal Dhaliwal and Senior Policy Associate Samantha Friedlander discuss why economic growth is necessary but not sufficient to solve the problems of those living in poverty around the world.

Closing the COVID Trust Deficit

Pascaline Dupas, Joseph Doyle, and Karen Macours write about the emerging body of evidence that holds important lessons for overcoming Covid-19 information constraints, combating misinformation, and building trust in health systems. These insights may also help to improve delivery and increase...

The Pandemic Pushed This Farmer Into Deep Poverty. Then Something Amazing Happened

NPR features a project funded by J-PAL's Innovation in Government Initiative - an ambitious cash transfer program to provide immediate cash support to poor households that are impacted by Covid-19. The project by Joshua Blumenstock, Christopher Udry, and Dean Karlan assists the Togo government's...

February 2021 Newsletter

In the February 2021 Newsletter, we highlight the effect of Covid-19 on women's work, the King Climate Action Initiative's inaugural funding competition, and the potential of Computer-Assisted Learning technology to rebuild students’ foundational skills after the pandemic.

Poverty Pioneers

Alison Fahey and Adam Osman from J-PAL MENA share their thoughts on the role of philanthropy in building a culture of evidence use. The interview with Philanthropy Age covers the motivation behind launching J-PAL, J-PAL's approach to generating and using evidence, as well as pathways from research...

How Poverty Makes Workers Less Productive

NPR featured a randomized evaluation by J-PAL affiliates on whether financial concerns make workers less productive. The evaluation was conducted over a couple weeks at a factory in Odisha, India. The workers at the factory make disposable plates used at local eateries. When the researchers...