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Locked out of critical care: Covid-19 lockdown and non-Covid mortality

J-PAL's Health co-chair Pascaline Dupas writes about India’s 10-week long national lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19 was among the most severe in the world. The article investigates the effects of the lockdown restrictions on healthcare access and health outcomes for patients needing life...

Education in 2021: Perspectives from Botswana

The Teaching at the Right Level approach — delivered both in schools and its principles delivered virtually through mobile phones — is a way to address the learning crisis and build back better to enable all children to achieve foundational learning. In Botswana, researchers were able to rapidly...

Exclusive: France to launch development innovation fund chaired by Esther Duflo

France will start a Fund for Innovation in Development next year to test and scale up solutions to poverty and inequality, a move its founders hope will “transform” the country’s approach to aid.

Unpaid electric bills undermine efforts to improve access: Study

Electric utilities in many developing countries often don't get fully paid by consumers for the power they supply.

Building resilience among ultra-poor for times of crisis

Shagun Sabarwal and Maximilian Lohnert from J-PAL South Asia write about the lack of integration into the existing social protection system exacerbates the poor's vulnerabilities, leaving them without adequate support structures during a crisis. They also discuss how investing in a livelihood...

December 2020 Newsletter

The December 2020 Newsletter highlights a new J-PAL Africa blog series that explores key policy and research questions on different digital identification and payments systems.

Second Stimulus Check Update: Democrat Proposes Releasing Aid To People Only After COVID-19 Inoculation

A former Democratic congressman has proposed releasing federal aid to people who agree to receive a coronavirus vaccine in hopes of helping the U.S. economy recover faster and keep millions of Americans safe from infection.

Dadisman & Schneider: Tutoring Can Help Reverse COVID-Related Learning Loss. 6 Principles for Doing It Right

We have an opportunity to leverage this evidence to craft a tutoring-based response to the nation’s massive COVID learning losses. Here are some broad principles we believe must be deployed to get the most out of any tutoring initiative.