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J-PAL North America announces partners through inaugural Housing Stability Evaluation Incubator

Incubator aims to identify the most effective strategies at reducing homelessness and promoting housing stability.

November 2020 Newsletter

In the November 2020 Newsletter, J-PAL's directors shared their vision on leveraging economics and partnerships for greater public and social good.

Smart Partnerships

J-PAL’s Global Executive Director Iqbal Dhaliwal writes about the advantages of working with government.

Covid-19 lockdown and migrant workers: Survey of vocational trainees from Bihar and Jharkhand

The nationwide lockdown in India hit migrant workers particularly hard and once travel restrictions were lifted, 11 million interstate migrants returned home. In this note, Chakravorty et al. present key findings from a phone survey of youth from Bihar and Jharkhand who were previous trainees of...

Podcast series from J-PAL North America shares stories behind the impact of summer jobs in the US

Series paints a holistic picture of summer youth employment programs and how research helps strengthen them.

J-PAL Europe announces new project funding, expanded research initiative for tackling challenges of social exclusion of migrants

J-PAL Europe announces new project funding together with BNP Paribas and expanded research initiative for tackling challenges of social exclusion of migrants.

An Interview with Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Professor of Economics – Yale University

In an interview with the Business Recorder, J-PAL Affiliate Mushfiq Mobarak talks about RCTs he has conducted in Bangladesh and Pakistan as well as the impacts Covid19 is having on poverty alleviation efforts in both countries.

New research shows tutoring can improve academic outcomes, mental health

A new study by U of T Mississauga economist Philip Oreopoulos shows that one-on-one and small group tutoring consistently improves academic achievements, offering important insight into ways to assist students struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.