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Averting Catastrophe

J-PAL co-founder Esther Duflo, along with Achim Steiner and Joseph E. Stiglitz discuss how developing countries can address the health and economic crises they face on the recent episode of CoronaNomics by Econ Films.

Nobel Prize winner Esther Duflo probes effectiveness of virus warnings

Speaking to Econ Films' CoronaNomics program, J-PAL co-founder Esther Duflo called for a new Marshall plan to aid the southern hemisphere's economic recovery from the pandemic

Prejudices about online courses, but healthy to lose some of those: Abhijit Banerjee

With COVID-19 forcing educational institutions around the world to move to online classes, the Nobel laureate speaks to The Indian Express about why this shift is a “forced experience but a good one”.

Coronavirus is a crisis for the developing world, but here's why it needn't be a catastrophe

J-PAL Directors, Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, discuss how a radical new form of universal basic income could revitalize damaged economies in the wake of COVID-19

Three from MIT elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2020

J-PAL Director Abhijit Banerjee among those elected by peers for outstanding contributions to research.

A healthy understanding

J-PAL affiliate Amy Finkelstein has changed what we know about Medicaid, Medicare, the economics of health care—and, increasingly, medical care itself.

Moving towards targeted anti-poverty programs: lessons from Indonesia

J-PAL Southeast Asia Policy Manager Aulia Larasati and Senior Policy Associate Alifia Firliani discuss effective targeting and implementation of social safety net programs.

Half of Indonesia's workers stopped working in April as a result of Covid-19 pandemic: Online survey

A survey conducted by J-PAL Southeast Asia shows that about half of Indonesia's workers stopped working in April due to COVID-19.