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Excitement as Water, Air and Energy Lab launched in City

With lessons learned from the brink of “Day Zero”, drought and energy procurement plans, the City has partnered with a global research centre to launch a new research lab.

Abhijit Banerjee, Nobel Prize in Economics: ‘There are important things that cannot be solved just with a money transfer ’

The experiment took place in Kenya and involved two groups of poor people chosen at random. Those in group A would receive a fixed payment every month for 12 years. Those in group B would be given the same monthly stipend but only for two years.

Generating evidence for educational outcomes in Puerto Rico through collaborative partnerships

The Second International Symposium on Research and Impact in Education highlighted the value of research-practice partnerships in building and using evidence to inform education policy.

Jeanne Lafortune takes over as co-scientific director of J-PAL LAC

The Instituto de Economía UC congratulates J-PAL affiliate and UC Chile professor Jeanne Laforne as co-scientific director of J-PAL LAC. They interviewed her and shared some of her goals and priorities in the new role.

Academic from the UC Institute of Economics presents at the JPAL-LAC international seminar on school tutoring

The Instituto de Economía UC spotlights the J-PAL affiliate Michela Carlana (Harvard) and J-PAL LAC co-scientific director Francisco Gallego's participation in an international education seminar in Chile. They shared their experience with school tutoring. The seminar reflected on school tutoring as...

J-PAL Africa, the City of Cape Town, and Community Jameel launch new Water, Air, and Energy Lab

The lab will partner local policymakers and researchers to generate evidence-based solutions aimed at improving access to clean air, water, and reliable energy for Capetonians.

National and international evidence on school tutoring to close educational gaps

The UC Public Policy Center summarizes the international seminar on education "Closing educational gaps from UC: the experience of school tutoring" (Cerrando brechas educativas desde la UC: la experiencia de las tutorías escolares). J-PAL affiliated Michela Carlana and J-PAL LAC co-scientific...

MoRD inks pact with J-PAL, South Asia for driving women-led development

The agreement signed between Additional Secretary, MoRD, Charanjit Singh and Executive Director, J-PAL South Asia Shobhini Mukerji, is aimed at bringing the rural poor women on the path to self-sufficiency. Also, technical assistance will be provided in the implementation of development under...