J-PAL Southeast Asia

J-PAL Southeast Asia, based at the University of Indonesia, leads J-PAL’s work in the Southeast Asia region. J-PAL Southeast Asia conducts randomized evaluations, builds partnerships for evidence-informed policymaking, and helps partners scale up effective programs.

Our work spans a wide range of sectors, including social welfare, migration, health, good governance, and financial inclusion. We conduct capacity building activities for policymakers, researchers, and academics seeking to learn and apply rigorous impact evaluation, and work with central and local governments to help build a culture of evidence-informed decision-making in the region.

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Learning from Home During the Pandemic: The Experiences of Parents and Teachers

As a response to the outbreak of COVID-19, Jakarta’s provincial government stopped all in-person classroom learning in schools. The quick transition from normal schooling to learning from home raises questions about the readiness of teachers, parents, and students in carrying out the teaching and...

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The role of administrative data in improving social protection programs: A success story from Indonesia

Read about a collaboration between the Government of Indonesia and researchers to use government administrative data to evaluate some of the largest social programs in the country.

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Strengthening Indonesia’s branchless banking agent network: Challenges and lessons from evidence

Read this recap of J-PAL SEA's Inclusive Financial Innovation Initiative's webinar on Banking the unbanked: The effects of agents’ financial incentives and transparency in increasing the take-up and usage of financial products.

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Strengthening Indonesia’s social protection in the COVID-19 era: Strategy and lessons from evidence

Indonesia has massively expanded its social assistance programs to respond to the crisis. How can we strengthen existing institutions as a backbone to provide assistance to the crisis? As a commitment to supporting the Indonesian government in mitigating the economic impact of COVID-19, J-PAL...