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Tutor and student study together in Gaborone

The tutor is calling: Targeted instruction by phone boosts learning across six countries

  • Noam Angrist
  • Amanda Beatty
  • Colin Crossley
Youth Impact tested a phone-based adaptation of Teaching at the Right Level for mathematics that became ConnectEd, a one-on-one tutoring program that uses phones to connect high-quality instruction with students and parents. With ConnectEd, every week grade 3 to 5 students receive math problems...
Two girls doing schoolwork at desk

Affiliate Spotlight: Selim Gulesci on entrepreneurship, gender, and the policymaking process

This affiliate spotlight features reflections from Selim Gulesci on his research surrounding gender, labor, and economics, and touches on his new role of Scientific Advisor for J-PAL Africa’s Girls’ Education and Empowerment portfolio.
A person looks at housing listings on a laptop

Researching racial equity: Racial discrimination, choice constraints, and policy implications

In this interview with J-PAL staff, J-PAL affiliated professor Peter Christensen (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) discusses his ongoing series of evaluations, including a 2021 paper on housing discrimination, and the role randomized evaluations can play in addressing racial inequities.
Pregnant woman with smartphone

Leveraging technology to improve child-caregiver interactions at scale

Can technology be used to improve child-caregiver interactions and support child development? Traditional parenting interventions are often costly and tightly controlled, which limits their large-scale implementation. A low-cost intervention called Crianza Positiva, delivering text and audio...
Person opening opening mail with letter containing text "Health Insurance Marketplace: You're almost done at"

Overcoming administrative burdens: Strategies to increase access to health insurance in the United States

A new J-PAL policy insight highlights evidence from randomized evaluations on the impact of informational “nudges”—strategies designed to inform individuals about various aspects of health insurance and influence behavior without changing legal or economic systems—on health insurance take-up. In...
A woman sits and is weaving a rug

New Displaced Livelihoods Initiative will help advance sustainable livelihoods for displaced and host communities

Today, we announce the launch of the Displaced Livelihoods Initiative (DLI), jointly managed by Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), with generous support from the IKEA Foundation. DLI is the world’s first research fund dedicated to generating...
Photo of an officer checking the condition of the solar panel, early warning system, in anticipation of landslides

Of satellites and surveys: How innovative data collection can speed up climate action

This Earth Day blog post discusses how we speed up the path from research to policy action at J-PAL through the King Climate Action Initiative (K-CAI), which prioritizes funding research and scaling that uses administrative and remote sensing data to generate results in a timely manner.
Two men and one woman sit in chairs on a panel.

J-PAL partners with the IFC and IGC to discuss global supply chains, sustainability, and research collaboration

Can more firms learn from randomized evaluations to improve business operations in developing economies? How can development institutions better support clients to achieve sustainable growth and key performance improvements in terms of productivity, gender, work-related practices, skills, and other...