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The Impact of Cash Transfers on Early Childhood Health and Cognitive Development in Nicaragua

Norbert Schady
Renos Vakis
In Nicaragua, researchers examined the impact of a national conditional cash transfer (CCT) program on early childhood health and development. They found that the program caused substantial and lasting improvements in child health and development outcomes. However, it seems that program components...

Social Interactions with Motivated Community Leaders to Increase Household Investments and Living Standards in Nicaragua

Renos Vakis
In Nicaragua, researchers examined the impact of interacting with motivated community leaders on aspirations, household investment, and long-term living standards. They found that social interactions with these motivated community leaders increased households’ investments in education, nutrition...

Long-Term Effects of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Nicaragua

Tania Barham
John A. Maluccio
Researchers worked with the Government of Nicaragua to evaluate the long-term impact of time-limited CCTs on education, reproductive health, and labor market outcomes. Ten years later, people whose families were offered cash transfers when they were younger children had higher labor force...

Vocational Training and Cash Transfers for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship in Kenya

In Kenya, researchers are studying the impacts of a program that combines vocational training with one-time cash grants to boost youth employment and entrepreneurship.

School Meals, Educational Achievement and School Finance in Kenya

Christel Vermeersch
Researchers examined the effects of subsidized school meals on school participation, educational achievement, and school finance in Western Kenya. The results suggest that the meals program led to improved school participation, as well as higher curriculum test scores, but only in schools where the...

Improving Access to Information to Facilitate Moves to Opportunity

Eric Chan
Adam Kapor
Researchers added school-quality information onto housing listings on the (formerly GoSection8) website, the largest provider of housing listings for HCV recipients, to evaluate the impact on families search for housing and their residential locations. The researchers found...

School Communication Strategies and School Outcomes in France

In France, researchers evaluated the impact of various school communication strategies designed to encourage parents to participate in their children’s schooling. They found that personalized invitations increased parental participation in school meetings, especially for parents of low-performing...