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Revealing Discriminatory Hiring Practices by Major US Employers

Patrick M. Kline
Evan K. Rose
Researchers studied hiring discrimination among major employers in the United States by sending fictional resumes, with varying demographic information, to determine whether certain characteristics would lead to different follow-up contact rates. Employers were less likely to contact resumes with...

Using Cell Phones to Monitor the Delivery of Government Payments to Farmers in India

Researchers tested the impact of a cell phone-based monitoring system on the delivery of government-issued payments for farmers in Telangana, India. The system significantly improved the likelihood of farmers ever receiving their payments as well as receiving them on time, indicating improved...

The Impact of Bundled Payments on Medicare Spending, Utilization, and Quality in the United States

Jonathan Skinner
Neale Mahoney
Yunan Ji
Researchers examined the impact of bundled payments on Medicare spending, utilization, and quality of care for knee and hip replacements, two common and expensive medical procedures. Evidence from the first year of implementation of a five-year mandatory bundled payment model showed a reduction in...

Matching Provider Race to Increase Take-up of Preventive Health Services among Black Men in the United States

Owen Garrick
Grant Graziani
Researchers examined the impact of race concordance (when the race of a patient matches that of their physician) and incentives on the take-up of preventive health services by black men.