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Screenshot of the DFM Chile learning platform.

Enfrentando un terremoto educativo: un ejemplo de innovación y escalamiento de un programa en Chile

Independientemente de lo que suceda con las nuevas variantes del Covid-19, el proceso educativo de nuestros estudiantes se vio sustancialmente interrumpido. A pesar de los tenaces esfuerzos de las comunidades educativas y las familias, existe evidencia de que las consecuencias negativas sobre los...
Laura Feeney and Vincent Quan

Get to know J-PAL North America’s co-executive directors

Laura Feeney and Vincent Quan discuss their backgrounds before coming to J-PAL North America, how they plan to work together as co-executive directors, and their top priorities in 2022.
Francisca stands next to a chalkboard behind a group of young children

Francisca de Iruarrizaga, J-PAL ‘13, on reforming Chile’s child welfare system

Francisca de Iruarrizaga is a former policy and training manager at J-PAL LAC, where she worked to increase the use of evidence in Latin American policymaking and train policymakers in evidence generation and use. Formerly of the Chilean Ministry of Social Development prior to J-PAL, Francisca...
Andrea stands in front of a posterboard, looking back at equations she has just written on it

Andrea Adhi, J-PAL ’19, on using interdisciplinary research to support Indonesia’s most vulnerable during Covid-19

Andrea Adhi is a former research manager at J-PAL Southeast Asia, where she managed randomized evaluations on branchless banking, migration, and more. Now at PUSKAPA, the Center on Child Protection and Wellbeing at Universitas Indonesia, Andrea leads their team focused on social inclusion and...
A man rides a bicycle wearing a delivery backpack and a mask

Learn how to evaluate your program with JOI Brazil

JOI Brazil’s social incubation process aims to support organizations in developing an evaluation proposal that can be funded through JOI.
Three  women, two holding babies, buy food from a vendor seated at a table.

Improving gender equality in Indonesia: The importance of addressing gender norms

Read about J-PAL Southeast Asia's November 2021 webinar to raise awareness of the Government of Indonesia’s policies and programs to promote gender equality and discuss learnings from evidence on women’s empowerment interventions around the world.
A person uses an e-money app on a phone while sitting in front of a laptop.

IFII Blog Series: E-commerce platforms as a path to women’s financial inclusion

In the third installment in the IFII Blog Series, we discuss the challenges and opportunities to increase e-commerce adoption among women business owners.
Panelists for the roundtable event.

Toward an evidence-informed development agenda for Egypt: Fostering government-research partnerships

On November 15, 2021, J-PAL MENA at AUC co-hosted a roundtable discussion with UNICEF Egypt titled, "Towards an evidence-informed development agenda for Egypt: Fostering government-research partnerships."