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Can foreign multinationals improve the enforcement of local workplace safety laws? Evidence from the apparel sector in Bangladesh

Laura Boudreau
A researcher partnered with the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, a consortium formed by US multinational companies, to evaluate the impact of privately enforcing local labor laws on garment factories in Bangladesh. Enforcing the legally-required creation and operation of workplace safety...

The Effect of Bureaucrat Performance Scorecards on Service Delivery and Bribes in Bangladesh

Researchers evaluated the impact of performance scorecards on the speed of delivery and the payment of bribes. Results show that the intervention increased on-time service delivery, but did not decrease bribe payments on average; bribes among high-performers increased.

The Effects of Performance Pay Among Private School Teachers in Pakistan

Researchers are working with a large private school network in Pakistan to evaluate the effects of performance raises based on observed performance versus those based on student performance on teacher behavior and student learning.

Reducing Prejudice Through Cross-Caste Cricket Teams in India

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation of cricket teams in rural India to study the impact of members of different castes either playing on the same team (collaborative contact), or in rival teams (adversarial contact), on cross-caste prejudice and interaction. Collaborative contact between...

Soliciting Preferences for Improved Volunteer Retention, Performance, and Employability in Kenya

Researchers are conducting an evaluation of the Government of Kenya’s G-United youth volunteer program to test the effect of randomly placing students in locations they prefer on the retention of volunteers in the program, their job performance, and their employment outcomes after the program.

Accountability and Transparency in the Mining Sector of Peru

Researchers evaluated an accountability workshop program, which educated citizens on the distribution of extractive industry tax revenues and the formal means of local political participation. The program had mixed results on local government quality, increasing the likelihood of initiating recall...

The Impact of Community Policing on Citizens' Response to COVID-19

Robert Blair
Travis Curtice
David Dow
Guy Grossman
Researchers are conducting phone surveys to understand the effects of a community policing intervention on citizens' trust in the state and how that affects their willingness to comply with COVID-19 related measures in Uganda.