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Woman using ATM in the Philippines

Finance, Labor Markets, Gender

Commitment Savings Products in the Philippines

Researchers designed and implemented a commitment savings product called a SEED (Save, Earn, Enjoy Deposits) account, which restricted access to savings, thus potentially helping with either self-control or family-control issues. After one year, the commitment savings product led to increased savings and more decision making power in the household for women.

Two men with cart pulled by donkey

Agriculture, Finance

Finding Missing Markets: An Agricultural Brokerage Intervention in Kenya

Dean Karlan, Nava Ashraf , Xavier Giné

Smallholder Kenyan farmers export more crops with credit and coordination services, but incomes do not significantly improve.


Group versus Individual Liability in the Philippines

Dean Karlan , Xavier Giné

In this study, researchers randomly selected existing group-lending centers to convert to an individual liability model. They found no difference in repayment rates between individuals assigned individual liability and those assigned group liability, no change in overall profitability for the bank, and a reduction in voluntary savings for those removed from joint liability.


Valuing Trust in Shantytowns in Peru

Dean Karlan , Markus Mobius, Tanya Rosenblat, Adam Szeidl

In collaboration with PRISMA, a Peruvian NGO offering credit through village banks, researchers designed and implemented a new loan product, which required new clients to be sponsored by existing clients, to measure the relative importance of social networks and prices for borrowing in shantytowns near Lima. Results demonstrated that borrowers were more likely to obtain sponsorship from friends....

Education, Health

Primary School Deworming in Kenya

Researchers evaluated a mass school-based deworming program in Western Kenya, and found that deworming substantially improved health and school participation of treated children, as well as of untreated children in both treatment schools and neighboring schools. The program reduced school absenteeism by more than one-quarter, and was far cheaper than alternative ways of boosting school...

Education, Health

Balwadi Deworming in India

Edward Miguel , Gustavo Bobonis, Charu Puri Sharma

This study evaluated the impact of a preschool nutrition and health project that targeted anemia in the slums of Delhi, India on child health and school attendance. Results showed the program positively impacted weight-gain and school attendance, particularly for groups with high base-line rates of anemia.