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Encouraging Adoption of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Through Collateralized Loans in Kenya

In partnership with Nyala Dairy Cooperative, researchers evaluated the impact of offering asset collateralized loans for rainwater harvesting tanks on both credit access for dairy farmers and profitability for the lender. Using the tanks as loan collateral led to higher take-up of loans by farmers...

Scaling a Bundled Village Input Fair to Build Markets for Agricultural Inputs in Mali

Partnering with Innovations for Poverty Action, Soro Yiriwaso, and UNRIA, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of scaling the bundled VIF model from the previous study on the purchase and use of inputs by small-scale farmers as well as the profitability of agro-dealers.

Leveraging Local Governments to Support Rice Mechanization in India

Steven Brownstone
Working with local government leaders and agricultural extension agents, the researcher is conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of promoting a mechanization technology. Uniquely, the researcher will closely track how employment shifts for women who formerly did the mechanized work.

Price Incentives to Improve Coffee Quality in Uganda

Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test whether providing traders “bonuses” for high-quality coffee affects the prices traders offer farmers for their coffee and whether this, in turn, affects farmers’ incentives to invest in the quality of their production.

Building Footbridges to Improve Market Access and Agricultural Outcomes in Rwanda

In partnership with Bridges to Prosperity, the researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation across 23 districts in Rwanda to determine the impact of building footbridges on wages and agricultural technology adoption and production.

Connecting Smallholder Farmers to Agricultural Value Chains in Rwanda

Ammar Kawash
Jonathan Robinson
Alan Spearot
Guanghong Xu
Researchers are evaluating the effects of providing farmers with access to maize processing services that could improve maize quality on their input decisions.

Credit, Uncertainty, and Monitoring for Technology Adoption

In Senegal, researchers are testing a new contract arrangement between farmers and cooperatives that includes credit, training, and a price premium for certified low-aflatoxin groundnuts on farmers’ decisions to adopt Aflasafe, aflatoxin levels, and output sales.