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A teacher hands out textbooks to students in Kenya.


Textbooks and Test Scores in Kenya

Michael Kremer, Paul Glewwe , Sylvie Moulin

The provision of textbooks in schools has no impact on average test scores or student attendance: test scores increased for already high-achieving students, but many in lower grades were unable to read them.

Education, Health

School Meals, Educational Achievement and School Finance in Kenya

Michael Kremer , Christel Vermeersch

Researchers examined the effects of subsidized school meals on school participation, educational achievement, and school finance in Western Kenya. The results suggest that the meals program led to improved school participation, as well as higher curriculum test scores, but only in schools where the teacher was relatively experienced prior to the program. The school meals also displaced teaching...


The Illusion of Sustainability: Comparing Free Provision of Deworming Drugs and Other "Sustainable" Approaches in Kenya

This study in Kenya found that cost-sharing and health education were not effective alternatives to a total subsidy of deworming drugs.


Saving Incentives for Low and Middle Income Families: Evidence From a Field Experiment with HR Block

Esther Duflo, Jeffrey Liebman , William Gale, Peter Orszag, Emmanuel Saez

Researchers tested the influence of the (randomly chosen) rate at which clients were told contributions to their Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) would be matched on the amount contributed to their retirement savings accounts. They found higher matching rates significantly increased IRA participation and contributions.

Education, Political Economy & Governance

Peer Effects, Pupil-Teacher Ratios, and Teacher Incentives in Kenya

Researchers evaluated three interventions that addressed the large class sizes and heterogeneity in student preparation in the Kenyan school system. They found that hiring additional local contract teachers helped reduce classroom overcrowding and improved student learning outcomes.