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February 2024 North America Newsletter

J-PAL North America's February newsletter features upcoming opportunities for state and local governments through the LEVER initiative, an interview with J-PAL affiliated researcher Greg Duncan, and a blog post about regression to the mean and impact evaluation.

Reflecting on COP28 — and humanity’s progress toward meeting global climate goals

MIT delegates share observations and insights from the largest-ever UN climate conference.

January 2024 North America Newsletter

J-PAL North America's January newsletter features a blog post on bias in administrative data, results from a food-as-medicine program, and a blog announcing J-PAL North America's involvement in an ed-tech learning community.

How reforming India’s workfare programme raised private sector earnings

India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) is among the largest and most influential social programmes in the world, guaranteeing 100 days of paid work to 8% of the world’s population.

Embracing failure in health care delivery and learning from null results

J-PAL North America staff and leadership discuss the importance of null results in health care decisionmaking.

Free Training Programs for San Bernardino County Caregivers Address Need for Specialized Skills on Alzheimer's Care and Climate-Related Emergency Preparedness

Free training courses are launching this January for caregivers in San Bernardino County.

A new study highlights the long-term benefits of METCO participation

A new study sheds light on the long-term effects of the popular METCO program, which sends thousands of Boston students to learn in suburban school districts each year.

January 2024 Newsletter

Our January 2024 newsletter highlights evidence on empowering women in STEM, stories of scaling climate policy, and partnerships to drive change in Egypt.