The Effect of Maternal Beliefs, Mental Health, and Economic Resources on Human Capital Accumulation in Early Life

Using a novel locally grown health service delivery model in Bangladesh that tracks the universe of newly married couples and connects them to local health services, we aim to study whether targeting mothers early in pregnancy with three complementary interventions -- individually or in combination -- can improve their own wellbeing as well as their children’s developmental outcomes. The three interventions that we plan to pilot in a randomized controlled trial are: (1) information on the importance of early life conditions on future outcomes; (2) information and enrollment support to relevant government programs (including health services, cash- and food-transfers); and (3) psychological counseling. Our outcomes of interest include women’s empowerment, parental inputs, physical and mental health, and children’s health and development. Our partnership with two government ministries in Bangladesh offers a unique opportunity to implement evidence policy at scale.

RFP Cycle:
Winter 2022
  • Pilot project