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March 2023 Newsletter

Our March 2023 Newsletter features a policy insight on strengthening women’s empowerment through access to childcare, an African Scholar Spotlight on Japheth Awiti Osotsi Stanley, and introduces a new education consortium in France.

How debit cards helped Indonesia’s poor get more food

Starting about five years ago in Indonesia, instead of rice bags, the poor were sent debit cards to buy the equivalent amount of food at local neighborhood shops. Suddenly millions of Indonesians in the program started receiving the total amount of food intended for them 81 percent of the time...

How debit cards helped Indonesia’s poor get more food

Replacing rice-bag delivery with digital card vouchers helps recipients get their intended supplies, researchers report.

Digital Technology Is A Must For Inclusive Growth

Nodir Ruzmatov explores how digitial technology is essential for inclusive economic growth.

President Launches “Jal Shakti Abhiyan: Catch the Rain”- 2023 With the Theme “Source Sustainability for Drinking Water”

This press release from the Government of India highlights the importance of flagship missions. For instance, “Nobel laureate Michael Kremer, in his study has reported that 1.36 lakh lives of children under five years of age can be saved every year in rural India by providing safe and adequate...

Sanwo-Olu transforming education in Lagos through EKOEXCEL, by Jide Olaniran

Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu has been prioritising education and technology, such as programs like Excellence in Child Education and Learning (EKOEXCEL) which focuses on providing quality education in the public system and upskills teachers by leveraging technology. This underpins a study by Novel...

How debit cards helped Indonesia’s poor get more food

Rastra, Indonesia’s national food aid program, is more effective when people experiencing poverty use debit cards at grocery stores rather than receiving bags of food sent to their homes, according to an MIT J-PAL study.

After success in Surat, scheme to control air pollution to be implemented in Ahmedabad

Considering the encouraging results of a pilot project of Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) in Surat, the Gujarat government is going to replicate the same scheme in Ahmedabad in two-phases. It is being implemented in collaboration with researchers of Chicago University, Yale University and Abdul Latif...