Identifying and Nurturing Math Talent at Scale: An Experiment with Art of Problem Solving Self-Paced Classes in Tamil Nadu, India

In this project, partnering with the Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) and the Government of Tamil Nadu, we will test whether advanced online coursework and tutoring can identify and support high achievers in mathematics in rural Tamil Nadu. We will provide direct evidence of the distribution of high-potential students and the importance of various support systems for disadvantaged students with high academic promise. AoPS is interested in collaborating and will provide online material for free. The Government of Tamil Nadu has also expressed interest in this study, which fits with its strategy of supporting high-achieving students throughout the State. We aim to provide a model that can be extended to other Indian states or other countries if it proves successful. Funding for a pilot allows us to refine the implementation plan and get it ratified by the government.

RFP Cycle:
SfPI Off-Cycle [Spring 2023]
  • Pilot project