Impact of Education of the X&Y Chromosomes on Women’s Agency and Experience of Domestic Violence

A son is considered important in India, as is evidenced by the skewed sex ratios in favor of the male child, in urban and rural areas of the country. Many women are abused and abandoned if they are not able to give birth to a son. Our intervention educates men and women with the science that the sex of the child is not the responsibility of the woman. In this paper we will test whether the education in the form of entertainment can overcome age old beliefs and lead to lower levels of domestic violence inflicted on women. Further, when young individuals learn that the abuse is unjustified, we believe it will address gender norms and attitudes and give women more bargaining power. The study will be conducted different demographic groups in the city of Ahmedabad which is located in the state of Gujarat in India.

RFP Cycle:
Summer 2021
  • Pallavi Vyas
  • Aditi Upadhyay
  • Full project