Leveraging National Identification and Digital Payment Systems to Nudge Informal Pension Contributions in Ghana

Old-age pensions are important for the wellbeing and social protection of older individuals. However, in Ghana, until recently the coverage of pension plans has been limited to the
formal sector, due partly to the challenges pension fund managers have in collecting weekly and monthly contributions from the informal sector and the mistrust contributors have in pension products. In this study, using a randomized control trial (RCT), we will examine whether mobile pension payment coupled with the inclusion of a national digital identification card as an added security layer can increase trust and contributions toward pensions among the informal sector in Ghana. We will also examine how voice messages explaining the importance of pensions can nudge pension contributions. Finally, the study will also explore whether there are observed heterogeneity in contributions and other impacts across gender, and how the degree of exposure to COVID-19 impacts preferences towards pensions.

RFP Cycle:
  • Edward Asiedu
  • Monica P. Lambon-Quayefio
  • Nkechi S. Owoo
  • Pilot project