Training Local Leaders to Prevent and Reduce Domestic Violence in their Communities

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a pervasive issue that challenges policymakers around the globe. Despite this, there is an alarmingly limited body of rigorous research capable of informing policy. This project will bring new experimental evidence on an innovative and theoretically driven intervention from the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru that aims to prevent and reduce GBV by training local leaders as community health volunteers to promote change at various levels in their communities. The experimental design will address important shortcomings of the current scientific literature as well as answer policymakers’ priority questions. This project is the result of a previous GPI grant that promoted a partnership between IPA Peru, J-PAL LAC, and the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations to institutionalize the use of evidence on GBV-related policy. To learn more about the partnership with the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, see this news story from November 2016 and this blog from February 2018.

RFP Cycle:
Sixth Round (Q2 2017)
  • Full project