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Flexibility for women in Indonesia’s labour market

Nurina Merdikawati, a postdoctoral research fellow at J-PAL Southeast Asia, and Sarah Xue Dong argue that investment in affordable childcare, transport, and Internet infrastructure will increase Indonesian women's access to the labor market.

J-PAL expands evidence-to-policy government partnerships to fight poverty worldwide in collaboration with Community Jameel, Co-Impact

In August, we announced a significant expansion of our efforts to forge evidence-to-policy partnerships with innovative-minded governments seeking to use rigorous research to inform their social policies and programs.

Pre-employment cards shown to improve recipients' know-how: Hartarto

Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto shares the outcomes of a pre-employment card program conducted by J-PAL Southeast Asia and Rumah Presisi Indonesia.

Fighting poverty: Learning from the ground

J-PAL Southeast Asia partnered with the Indonesian government to carry out the mission of research to informed policy set out by co-founders and affiliates Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo.

Finding Indonesia’s everyday heroes and marking the week of International Women’s Day

In light of recent studies showing Covid-19 has contributed to higher domestic violence rates and higher numbers of women leaving the labor force or working unpaid, strategies are being pushed for by activists to improve gender equality and social and economic services for women in Indonesia.

Half of Indonesia's workers stopped working in April as a result of Covid-19 pandemic: Online survey

A survey conducted by J-PAL Southeast Asia shows that about half of Indonesia's workers stopped working in April due to COVID-19.

Communiqué : les cofondateurs de J-PAL Abhijit Banerjee et Esther Duflo lauréats du prix Nobel d’économie

Abhijit Banerjee et Esther Duflo, cofondateurs de J-PAL, Laboratoire d’Action contre la Pauvreté, ainsi que Michael Kremer, affilié de longue date à J-PAL, ont reçu conjointement le prix de la Banque de Suède en sciences économique en mémoire d’Alfred Nobel. Ce prix leur a été décerné « pour leur...

The Myth of Welfare Dependency

Recent research by affiliated researcher Rema Hanna suggests that the longer low-income families receive stable and predictable support, the better they and their children do.