Hana Lakhdar Ghazal

Headshot of Hana Lakhdar Ghazal

Senior Project Manager, Morocco Employment Lab, J-PAL Middle East and North Africa

Hana is J-PAL's Morocco Employment Lab Senior Project Manager, where she works on running the Lab operations. Over the last 14 years, she has developed good knowledge of public policy implementation and expertise in strategy, organization and transformation.

Hana started her career in 2006 in international development. She moved to Morocco in 2010 and has been working since as a public servant and then as a consultant for the public sector, including for international institutions such as The World Bank. Among the major projects she worked on is the elaboration of the National Youth Strategy, the development of a sustainable city near the Casablanca metropolis and the elaboration of Casablanca-Settat development strategy. She also worked during the last 3 years with AfDB on setting up a delivery unit for the Head of Government Office in Morocco and with MCA-Morocco on supporting the Secondary Education Project in Morocco. Hana holds an MSc. in Management from ESCP Europe and a Master in Morocco History from Université Paris 1-Panthéon La Sorbonne, where she is currently a PhD student. She is a native French and Arabic speaker, and fluent in Spanish.