Career and leadership skill-building for Muslim women in India

Muslim women are underrepresented in management positions in India and often lack role models and networks needed to succeed in the professional world after college. The non-profit LedBy aims to fill this gap through its Accelerator program for Muslim women who are in college or are young professionals in India. The program involves 12 monthly synchronous online sessions covering topics such as resume building, job interview prep, and career coaching. Through random assignment into the program among qualified applicants, we will evaluate how access to the skill development sessions and to Muslim female mentors affects participants' self-efficacy and career preparedness. In addition, a random subset of the treatment group will be offered one-on-one sessions with executive coaches to study the impact of tailored mentoring. We will also compare the benefits of having peers in similar versus different career fields by randomizing along that dimension in the "buddy" component of the Accelerator program.

RFP Cycle:
Verano 2021