US Health Care Delivery Initiative

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J-PAL North America’s US Health Care Delivery Initiative (HCDI) supports randomized evaluations of strategies that aim to make health care delivery in the United States more efficient, effective, and equitable.

Health care delivery shapes the quality of every American’s life, yet in many ways it is inefficient, ineffective, and inequitable. On average, the US spends more than twice as much per person on health compared to other wealthy countries. Often, there are stark disparities in health outcomes and access related to factors like a person’s income or race. Health care leaders run innovative programs and implement new policies to address these challenges every day. But the effects of many of these policies and programs are not known, making the path forward unclear. 

Randomized evaluations in health care delivery inform policy debates on how to improve the health care system. Yet the partnerships that make such studies possible are too rare. Academics often cannot easily identify partners interested in rigorous evaluation, and health care leaders often cannot find an interested, experienced academic to lead evaluation design. Both may not have the evaluation funding or the incentives to invest the upfront time and resources needed to develop successful research partnerships.

Key Facts

  • Partner RFP: Closed
  • Research RFP: Closed


For researchers

HCDI Request for Proposals

Our HCDI Request for Proposals solicits proposals from J-PAL affiliates, invited researchers, and Ph.D. students being advised by a J-PAL affiliate or invited researcher, for pilot studies and full randomized evaluations that seek to evaluate approaches to make health care delivery more efficient and equitable.

MIT Roybal Center for Translational Research to Improve Health Care for the Aging Request for Proposals

The MIT Roybal Request for Proposals solicits proposals from J-PAL affiliates and invited researchers for pilot studies that seek to evaluate low-cost, high-impact behavioral interventions to improve health care delivery and health outcomes for older adults in the United States.

Initiative Staff

Alejandro Noriega, Policy Manager
Anisha Sehgal, Senior Policy Associate
Victoria Moura, Policy and Communications Associate

HCDI Advisory Committee

Jeffrey Brenner, MD, Primary Care Startup Founder
Leora Horwitz, MD, Associate Professor, Departments of Population Health and Medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Darshak Sangavi, MD
Christian L. Soura, Executive Vice President, South Carolina Hospital Association

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