Jobs and Opportunity Initiative

J-PAL’s Jobs and Opportunity Initiative (JOI) funds randomized evaluations of strategies to improve employment outcomes.

JOI aims to generate a body of policy-relevant rigorous research that addresses pressing labor market challenges. Knowledge gaps include questions about supply and matching, job creation, and the future of jobs. JOI aims to offer guidance for implementing organizations, governments, and donors, so that policies can be guided by scientific evidence to improve employment outcomes.

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Open to J-PAL affiliates, J-PAL postdocs, and J-PAL invited researchers
For researchers

Request for Proposals

J-PAL's Jobs and Opportunity Initiative (JOI) funds randomized evaluations of strategies that address pressing labor markets challenges. JOI holds two regular funding cycles per year (currently closed) calling for proposals from J-PAL affiliates, J-PAL postdocs, and J-PAL invited researchers for full research projects, pilot studies, travel/proposal development grants, and policy outreach support grants. PhD students, with support from an advisor who is a J-PAL affiliate or J-PAL invited researcher, are also eligible to apply. Resident African scholars are also eligible to apply for pilot studies and travel/proposal development grants.


African Scholars

JOI provides research funding opportunities to resident African scholars.

Initiative Team

Board Members

Marianne Bertrand
Bruno Crépon
Erica Field
Patrizio Piraino
David Atkin (Firms)
Jing Cai (Firms)


Lisa Corsetto, Senior Policy Manager
Natalie Valent, Senior Policy Associate
Clare Hofmeyr, Senior Education and Training Manager, J-PAL Africa
Carlos Guzman, Finance and Operations Manager
Richard Ssempagama, Senior Finance Associate

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