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Center for Caregiver Advancement Receives $10 Million Grant to Provide Free Training for Caregivers in San Bernardino County

The Center for Caregiver Advancement (CCA) has been awarded a $10 million grant from the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) and the Labor and Workforce Development Agency to bring its caregiver training programs to In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) providers in San Bernardino County...

Cutting the cost of education alone is not enough to prevent dropout, finds research

Recently, the French Education Minister, Pap Ndiaye, announced a potential education reform requiring private schools to diversify their student population to maintain public subsidies from the State. J-PAL affiliates Abhijeet Singh and Mauricio Romero analyzed the effect of this policy introduction...

Using information and communication technology to improve mental health in Africa

Can we leverage near-universal access to mobile phones to improve mental health? J-PAL affiliates & other researchers aim to answer this question using evidence from Ghana and analyze what possible policy interventions could work to improve mental health in Africa.

Three universities picked to train 10 lakh Indians in climate, health data work

Three universities have been picked to train 10 lakh Indians in climate work in collaboration with the South Asia branch of J-PAL.

Program launched to train 1 million Indians in climate and health data work

J-PAL is assisting three universities with the India Data Capacity Accelerator, which envisions one million Indians trained in using data to solve climate and health-related challenges.

May 2023 Newsletter

Our May 2023 newsletter features the launch of the Displaced Livelihoods Initiative, quicker climate action through innovative data, and tech for equitable early childhood development.

“A Greater Social Mix In College Has Positive Effects On The Well-Being Of All Students”

Read more for an analysis of Elise Huillery's paper “Social mix in college: first results of experiments,” in which she and her cowriters analyze the effects of the social mix policies launched in 2015 by the ministry.

Laying the foundation to diversify the economics field and center racial equity in economics research

J-PAL North America is developing a strategic vision — informed by a new racial equity advisory committee — to advance inclusion, prioritize racial equity in research, and promote equitable and inclusive research practices in its network.