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What the World Bank Can Do About Climate Change

Recent research by the Nobel laureate economist Esther Duflo and co-authors offers a second, related lesson, on what the World Bank can do about climate change based on data from one of the biggest polluters in the world: India.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the largest threats to human health worldwide, leading to millions of early deaths every year. This air pollution is not the same as the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change—but it does come from many of the same sources, such as burning fossil fuels for...

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Research Shows Effects Of Admissions Lottery On Children

Attending preschool at age 4 makes children significantly more likely to go to college, according to an empirical study led by an MIT economist. The study examines children who attended public preschools in Boston from 1997 to 2003. It finds that among students of similar backgrounds, attendance at...

Talking High-Dosage Tutoring: A Researcher and Schools Chief Share Strategies

Two champions of high-dosage tutoring—one a researcher and the other a superintendent — share their expertise and experience on high-dosage tutoring in a virtual forum.

India must step up efforts to increase FLN skills among students

Nearly a decade of research by noted economist Karthik Muralidharan and action-oriented interventions by the NGO Pratham offers useful insights into solving the learning crisis through reforms in pedagogy and governance. For successful implementation of these reforms, multiple stakeholders...

How changing parental beliefs can build stronger vocabulary and math skills for young children

The key to improving young children’s vocabulary and math skills may lie in changing their parents’ beliefs. Studies find that better educated parents were significantly more likely than parents with lower levels of education to believe that activities such as telling stories to their children...

Bhopal: ‘Urja Desk’ allows women to freely share issues with police

International researchers have found that Urja Desk instituted in the police stations of the state have given ample space for the women victims to share their problems with the police. The fact came out in the three day Justice, Inclusion and Victim’s Access (JIVA) conference that started from...

J-PAL North America and Results for America launch support for state and local leaders to evaluate programs using federal recovery dollars

As state and local leaders leverage federal relief funding to invest in their communities, a new program will support these governments in using data, evaluation, and evidence to advance effective and equitable government programming for generations to come.