What Works To Reduce Poverty: 10 years of research and evidence-based policy to advance economic mobility

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MIT Samberg Center, Cambridge, MA
Clockwise, starting top left: Doctor and patient in masks; student and tutor; people in jumpsuits looking at a whiteboard; people in suits on steps
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Launched in 2013, J-PAL North America celebrated 10 years of catalyzing policy-relevant research to reduce poverty in the region, as part of J-PAL's 20-year worldwide celebration. Bringing together policymakers, practitioners, and researchers, we showcased what we have learned to advance economic mobility in North America, based on a decade of work supporting rigorous randomized evaluations and advancing evidence-based policymaking.

This two-day gathering featured groundbreaking research supported by J-PAL North America over the past decade—building on J-PAL's 20-year experience worldwide—that addresses important social policy questions such as: How can we empower low-income Americans to achieve economic and social mobility? How can we reduce discrimination to ensure a more equitable society? How can we promote healthier behavior and improve health outcomes in low-income communities? How can we make our government work better for all people? 

During this event, we also celebrated the achievements of our incredible network of partners, researchers, and funders and provided opportunities to meet with and learn from fellow leaders. We also highlighted our vision to reduce poverty and advance equity by scaling up evidence-based programs in the region over the next 10 years. 

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