Evidence for Climate Action in Europe

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Europe is the third-largest CO2-emitting region in the world, and the impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt both across the continent and around the world. While a number of large-scale mitigation efforts are urgently needed to address the challenges of climate change, few policies have been rigorously evaluated. European leaders in both the public and private sectors need more evidence on which interventions are effective, in terms of both impact and cost. Understanding where, and why, limited resources should be directed to high-impact solutions is imperative if we are to successfully meet our targets.

The King Climate Action Initiative (K-CAI) team at J-PAL Europe is creating a playbook of dozens of cost-effective policy solutions for European decision-makers focusing on mitigation and pollution reduction. The former aims to reduce emissions to slow the pace of climate change, while the latter aims to reduce harmful carbon co-pollutants and improve public health. 

This webinar shed light on the process, benefits, and challenges of using randomised evaluations to generate evidence in the climate action space in Europe. Speakers covered a range of topics, including:

  • Introducing randomised evaluations in the environment, energy, and climate change space in Europe;
  • Providing an overview of the K-CAI and opportunities for collaboration in Europe; and 
  • Highlighting case studies from J-PAL affiliated professors, that showcase research partnerships with governments and the private sector.


Andreas Löschel
Chair for Environmental/Resource Economics and Sustainability, Ruhr University Bochum

Tara Marwah
Senior Policy Associate, J-PAL Europe

Robert Metcalfe
Associate Professor of Economics, University of Southern California

Claire Walsh
Associate Director of Policy and K-CAI Project Director, J-PAL

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