PROSA: Fostering Early Childhood Development in Guatemala

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PROSA- which stands for “Screening and Launching Program” in Spanish, is a joint project between J-PAL and Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. This project maps programs related to Early Childhood Development (ECD)—ranging from early stimulation to nutrition and health interventions—and evaluates their joint impact on the lives of 0-5 year old children. The project will start in Guatemala with the possibility of expanding into other countries of interest such as El Salvador and Honduras. 

PROSA’s main goal is to create a culture of evidence use for implementing programs that impact Early Childhood Development through three key actions:

  • Review and disseminate existing evidence on priority topics. This will allow us to identify research gaps addressed through a research agenda.
  • Work with organizations that implement innovative programs around ECD to 1) strengthen their capacities through training and, 2) identify opportunities to design and evaluate solutions to improve their programs.
  • Support the co-creation of evidence through the implementation of randomized evaluations that answer the open questions identified in the research agenda.

A several year program

  • The official launch of PROSA 
  • Identify ECD organizations, interventions, and relevant research
  • Execute training and workshops on how to use evidence to improve public policy and initiatives surrounding ECD
  • Disseminate evidence use through webinars and informational sessions 
  • Provide technical assistance for organizations
  • Begin design of research studies and activities with strategic partners
  • Execute and finance research studies and  activities with strategic partners 
  • Communicate and socialize findings
  • Explore other initiatives and opportunities in Central America
  • Continue working alongside strategic partners aiding with evidence use tools
  • Develop long-term alliances

Working with J-PAL and UVG

We want to work with organizations —private and governmental—that implement innovative interventions with the potential to impact early childhood development. These collaborations aim to:

  • Strengthen the organization’s capacities to use and generate evidence through trainings and technical support.
  • Identify together opportunities to innovate and test solutions that improve programs, while answering relevant research questions. 

PROSA has a standard process for developing partnerships with organizations. Learn more about how to be part of PROSA by pressing the button below. 

Learn more about PROSA's process for developing partnerships with organizations


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