Policy Insights in Labor Markets

J-PAL’s Labor Markets sector focuses on helping people access quality work. Our policy insight below summarizes general lessons from randomized evaluations on reducing search barriers for jobseekers.
Marianne Bertrand (University of Chicago Booth School of Business) and Bruno Crépon (ENSAE and École Polytechnique), Labor Markets Co-Chairs
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Vocational and skills training programs to improve labor market outcomes

Last updated: mars 2023
While vocational and skills training programs have had mixed results, those that included practical experience, soft-skills training, and job referrals often increased the likelihood of being employed and earnings of people who were targeted. Vocational training programs often helped trainees...

Access to childcare to improve women’s economic empowerment

Last updated: février 2023
Access to childcare can increase women’s employment outcomes by enabling their labor force participation, shift to more desirable work, or increase the productivity in their businesses. However, in cases where there are additional barriers to working outside the home, childcare may not be sufficient...

Modifier les CV pour lutter contre la discrimination à l’embauche

Last updated: février 2019
Des évaluations aléatoires ont mis en évidence le fait que les minorités et les groupes marginalisés étaient victimes de discrimination à l’embauche dans de nombreux pays, la plupart des résultats provenant jusqu’à présent de pays développés. Face à ce problème, des interventions consistant à...

Business Training and Consulting Management practices are thought to play an important role in firm growth, and giving firm owners access to subsidized business training services and consulting could be one way to support their growth. Business training programs tend to teach standard best practices in a classroom setting, such as record keeping and conducting market research, while consultants work closely with firms to identify areas for potential improvement and to support the implementation of recommended actions.

Teaching business skills to support microentrepreneurs

Last updated: septembre 2023
Traditional business skills training programs lead to modest increases in microentrepreneurs’ profits and sales. Alternative training programs can lead to larger impacts, but some programs require more definitive evidence of their effectiveness.

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ENSAE and École Polytechnique

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