Measurement and Survey Design Course 2023

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Participants from a previous MSDC Training discuss a project

CLEAR/J-PAL South Asia’s Measurement and Survey Design Course (MSDC) 2023 is a three-day course that provides a thorough introduction to foundational concepts in measurement theory and quantitative survey design strategies for all development professionals.

Applications close on September 5, 2023.

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Early Bird Discount: In order to avail the early bird discount of 10 percent, make sure to apply before August 25, 2023, 11:59 PM IST and make the payment no later than September 2, 2023.  

About the Course

MSDC 2023 is an in-person course that deep-dives into essential concepts in measurement theory and quantitative survey design strategies. It draws upon J-PAL South Asia’s vast experience in running randomised evaluations that involve extensive primary data collection, especially focusing on abstract measurement concepts.  

MSDC employs an array of pedagogical tools including lectures, supplemental case studies, and experiential exercises to explore the process of designing and implementing effective survey questionnaires that yield high-quality data. The following key concepts are covered: 

  • Understanding and using the Theory of Change framework to inform indicator selection process
  • Creating accurate and precise measurements (using SMART indicators), particularly for concepts that are ‘hard to measure’
  • A step-by-step guide to designing a quantitative survey 
  • Best practices for piloting survey instruments 
  • Considerations when designing field management protocols to ensure survey quality, including structuring, training and managing a field team
  • Best practices in field management and data collection
  • Real-world examples from J-PAL randomised evaluations of collecting quantitative data 
  • Guidelines for, and examples of, remote data collection

Please note that while this course will touch on impact evaluation methods, the focus of this course is not impact evaluation methodology. If you are interested in pursuing a CLEAR/J-PAL South Asia training on impact evaluations, please apply to our course on Evaluating Social Programmes. 

Review this agenda to determine the applicability of the course content to your learning objectives. The final agenda may vary slightly but will follow a similar format.

Please note that the level of this course is basic. It is intended for individuals who are looking to build their foundational understanding of measurement and survey design strategies.

Informational Webinar + Q&A Session

This webinar/session has ended. For more information about MSDC 2023, please reach out to Bhakti Bhowmik ([email protected]).

CLEAR/J-PAL South Asia is hosting a virtual Informational Webinar and Q&A Session on 21 August 2023 between 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM IST.

Through this session, participants can learn more about

  • Course content
  • Suitability for this course
  • Selection criteria for applicants

Interested applicants will have an opportunity to ask questions before they submit applications. 

Important Dates

Please note some important dates to apply and register for MSDC 2023:

Description Date
Applications Open August 1, 2023
Informational Webinar / Q&A Session August 21, 2023
Early Bird Applications Close* August 25, 2023
Early Bird Payments Close* September 2, 2023
Applications Close September 5, 2023
Course Payments Close  September 19, 2023
MSDC Course October 12 - 14, 2023








*To avail the early bird discount of 10 percent, please apply and complete the payment accordingly. 

Who can apply?

The course delves into the practical and theoretical aspects of collecting data and is tailored to benefit individuals who are involved in primary data collection efforts at their respective organisations. The course is specifically intended for implementing organisations, researchers, M&E professionals, donor organisations, students, and other individuals looking to build and/or refresh their knowledge of fundamental skills for collecting primary quantitative data.
The Measurement and Survey Design course has run since 2015 and has included participants from organisations such as Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, BRAC, British Council, CARE India, Clinton Health Access Initiative, NITI Aayog, Oxford Policy Management, Pratham, Population Council, TATA Sustainability Group, and WaterAid, among others. 

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Student Scholarships

CLEAR/J-PAL South Asia is offering scholarships to two (2) students to attend MSDC 2023. The scholarship consists of a full fee waiver (i.e. it will only cover full fee waiver and not cover travel, accommodation, food etc expenses in Delhi during the workshop. Students who are awarded the scholarship will have to make their own arrangements for the same).

The scholarship is open only for individuals who are currently enrolled in full-time undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies in India. 

Please note that CLEAR/J-PAL South Asia will award no further funds beyond the above scholarship.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for MSDC 2023 is as follows:

Organization Type Middle/Higher Income Country Low/Middle Income Country
  • Donor Organisations/Foundations
INR 54,000 INR 42,000
  • For-profit/academic/research institutions/government       
  • Multilateral, bilateral, and international organisations
INR 48,000 INR 36,000
  • Academic/Research institutions
INR 42,000 INR 36,000
  • Governemnt organisations
  • Graduate/PhD students
  • Non-governmental organisations
INR 42,000 INR 24,000





  1. Income classifications based on World Bank Country and Lending Groups
  2. To avail the early bird discount of 10%, apply before August 25, 2023 and make the payment by September 2, 2023. 


If you need to cancel your registration, please refer to our cancellation policy below:

  • Cancellations before September 18: No penalty
  • Cancellations after September 18: Any cancellations will be billed the full training fees.

For further information or assistance, please contact Bhakti Bhowmik ([email protected]).

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