Over the past ten years

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Lives impacted in North America

Through this work, J-PAL North America is institutionalizing the use of evidence in policymaking to improve lives at scale. To achieve this impact, we work across three key areas.

Advancing the Quality and Rigor of Randomized Evaluations

Through training, critical study design feedback, research management support, and a wealth of public goods, we support a growing network of researchers equipped to conduct high-quality randomized evaluations.

North America Researchers

In 10 years, our network has grown from 74 to 265 researchers conducting randomized evaluations in the North America region.

Total Active Invited Researchers and Cumulative Affiliates

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Research Projects

Research projects supported by J-PAL staff through our Research Management Support services and in-house support services.

Research Voices

“When I did my first randomized evaluation, while the study turned out well, the experiment itself was very difficult to manage. After that I didn’t want to do another randomized evaluation. Then, Amy and I worked with J-PAL North America staff on another study and I absolutely loved it. Having J-PAL support and working with collaborators with RCT experience made such a big difference…”

— Matthew Notowidigdo, Co-Scientific Director, J-PAL North America

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We also support researchers through trainings and public resources:

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Research Staff Trained

Research staff trained through in-person annual trainings, conducted joint with J-PAL Global and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA).

Research Resource Views

Our research resources on conducting randomized evaluations received over 140,000 web views annually. Explore the resources.

Building Capacity for Evidence-Informed Decision Making

We work with policymakers and practitioners to support evidence use and generate timely and actionable evidence, partnering with organizations across North America.

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Evaluation incubator partners

Our evaluation incubators support organizations and government agencies as they turn ideas into well-designed randomized evaluations of social programs.

“We support nonprofits that are experts in service delivery, collaboration, and innovation [to support the unhoused population]. When we couple that with rigorous evaluations, we’ll be able to have a blueprint for innovative service delivery that will better serve the needs of our community members experiencing homelessness.” — Adrian Schurr, Google.org

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People trained

Our training team has delivered online and in-person courses to train more than 4,100 people on generating and using evidence to improve policymaking.

“After attending J-PAL’s [Evaluating Social Programs] course, our work on [an] evaluation progressed rapidly due to the fluency and comfort we gained on the concept and application of randomized evaluations.” — Massey Whorly, formerly with the Virginia Department of Social Services

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Partner voices

“Our evaluation with J-PAL North America has been a profound learning experience for our organization as we undertook the first randomized study of our flagship intervention… We couldn't have pulled our evaluation off without a strong, collaborative, and supportive partner on the research side.” — Aaron Truchil, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

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Catalyzing Policy-Relevant Randomized Evaluations

Through our initiatives, we fund and support randomized evaluations conducted by our network of academic researchers and in collaboration with our partners.


Supported by J-PAL North America building a strong body of evidence on the most (and least) effective approach to reducing poverty.

Policy Areas Include

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58 Studies
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27 Studies
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Crime, violence, and conflict
22 Studies
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45 Studies
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Housing Stability and Homelessness
17 Studies
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Environment and Energy
22 Studies

Our vision for the future

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Deepening our work with state and local governments

We will build the capacity of state and local governments to use data and evidence in their decision-making and generate a body of rigorous evidence around what works. Learn more.

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Centering racial equity in research

We will catalyze new evaluations on racial equity and support equitable and inclusive research practices and identify actionable strategies to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within our research network. Learn more.

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Advancing evidence-based policymaking to improve lives

In areas where key evidence exists, we will work closely with governments and implementing partners to ensure that decision makers are aware of opportunities for impact and that programs are being implemented with fidelity to the evidence. Learn more.

Enabling innovation and growth

This work is only possible through a shared commitment to improving lives through evidence-based policymaking.

Our work is generously supported by the following donors, among others.

North America impact donors

In recognition of the individuals who drive this work forward, we’re proud to announce our inaugural evidence champions:

Gustavo Bobonis
Gustavo Bobonis
University of Toronto
Carrie Cihak
Carrie Cihak
King County, Washington

Acknowledgments: This page was made possible by the work of Gustave Robinson and Sarah Margolis to collect and clean the data behind our impact.