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Stemming Learning Loss During the Pandemic: A Rapid Randomized Trial of a Low-Te

Moitshepi Matsheng
Caton Brewster
Noam Angrist
Working in Botswana, researchers rapidly evaluated a phone-based remote learning program aimed at keeping children engaged with math during the Covid-19 pandemic. Students who received weekly SMS messages and phone calls to review math exercises increased their math skills after twelve weeks, while...

Pension Paraguay

Sebastian Galiani
Dylan Ramshaw
John Branch
Juan Manuel Hernandez Agramonte

Providing Agricultural Inputs in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Sylvie Lambert
Margaux Vinez
In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the World Bank, researchers are investigating how subsidizing the cost of and access to improved seeds affects smallholder farmers’ take-up of improved seeds, their short-term agricultural productivity, and...

The effect of COVID19 on migration and livelihood: the case of Uganda

Researchers are conducting phone surveys to understand the effects of a community policing intervention on citizens' trust in the state and how that affects their willingness to comply with COVID-19 related measures in Uganda.

Energy Efficiency in Groundwater Extraction for Agriculture in Bangladesh

Ujjayant Chakravorty
Muhammad Ashraful Habib
Humnath Bhandari
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of providing subsidies for a soil monitoring technology on the electricity used to pump groundwater to agricultural fields in rural Bangladesh. They found that the technology reduced the amount of electricity used for irrigation, but...

The Impact of Loans on the Survival and Performance of SMEs

In Colombia, researchers are evaluating the economic impact of providing stimulus loans to SMEs, distributed via the government’s COVID-19 relief program (“Unidos por Colombia”), on SME survival, profits, and employment.

Building Footbridges to Improve Market Access and Agricultural Outcomes in Rwanda

In partnership with Bridges to Prosperity, the researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation across 23 districts in Rwanda to determine the impact of building footbridges on wages and agricultural technology adoption and production.

Targeted Unconditional Framed Cash Transfers for EC Health and Nutrition

In partnership with the Government of Jharkhand, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to study the impact of unconditional, framed cash transfers to pregnant women and lactating mothers on child health.