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Students taking a test in a classroom

Infinitely cost-effective? Common misconceptions in cost-effective analyses

Cost-effectiveness analyses (CEAs) can be a helpful tool in comparing programs with similar tools and determining which are likely to provide the greatest return on investment. Although CEAs are not sufficient alone to inform policy decisions, they can be a useful starting point.
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Reflections on seven years at J-PAL Africa working to inform policy with evidence

  • Emily Cupito
After seven years working with J-PAL Africa, I am transitioning to a new role working in local school systems in the United States. Working with J-PAL Africa (and, in recent years, TaRL Africa) has been one of the greatest joys of my life. As I step away, I want to share a few reflections about how...
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Building an effective COVID-19 response: Addressing the education crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant reductions in the quality and quantity of schooling across the United States. J-PAL North America’sThe COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience InitiativeCOVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Initiative aims to identify effective ways to support students...
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Building an effective COVID-19 response: A guide for future research

How can policy leaders best support their communities in the face of the joblessness, educational setbacks, and trauma inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic? Rigorous evidence will play a critical role in helping us understand which policies and programs will truly work to help communities recover in...
People wearing masks stand in line to receive food from police

Taking an evidence-based approach to governance policy in the face of COVID-19

Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development while addressing the enormous challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic requires identifying, implementing, and scaling the most effective social policies and programs. Too often, however, this key principle—effectiveness—can get lost amid other...
A teacher sits on the ground in a circle of children. She is demonstrating to a student.

Foundational learning first: a joint statement on education in the time of COVID-19

More than one billion students have been out of school due to COVID-19. Data from past crises suggest large and lasting impacts on education, especially girls’ re-enrollment and learning loss. For this reason, J-PAL and partners have recently released a joint statement on the importance of focusing...
A cityscape crowded with apartment buildings.

Building research partnerships to create moves to opportunity

J-PAL affiliate and Director of Opportunity Insights Raj Chetty reflects on partnering with J-PAL North America to evaluate an intervention called Creating Moves to Opportunity, which aims to help lower-income families in the United States to move to higher-opportunity areas.
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Pandemic provides unprecedented opportunities to take justice online

  • Joyce Sadka
  • Isabel Mejía Fontanot
Labor courts in Mexico and many other low- and middle-income countries often provide low quality services. Since 2015, we have partnered with the Mexico City Labor Court, one of the largest courts dealing with firing cases in Latin America, to innovate in improving the court’s functioning.