Custom Courses

J-PAL can design a custom course for your organization with content tailored to a specific sector (e.g., health or education), geographic region, or level of technical detail. J-PAL custom courses can be taught in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

Past Custom Courses

  • Three-day to five-day versions of our Evaluating Social Programs and Measurement and Survey Design courses
  • Courses on randomized evaluations as part of a monitoring and evaluation strategy
  • Two- to three-day Evidence to Policy courses on how to find, interpret, and use existing scientific evidence in decision-making
  • Advanced Impact Evaluation courses for more technical audiences
  • J-PAL Latin America's Incubator Workshops that bring implementers and university researchers together to work on joint projects

Please contact our Global office at [email protected] for more information, or reach out directly to our regional offices that conduct custom courses.

Custom Course Contacts

Office Contact
J-PAL Africa Clare Hofmeyr
J-PAL Europe Ilf Bencheikh
J-PAL LAC Claudia Macías
J-PAL North America Bridget Mercier
J-PAL South Asia Megha Pradhan
J-PAL Southeast Asia Farah Amalia
LAC Custom Course

Impact Evaluation Incubator

J-PAL Latin America & the Caribbean (LAC)’s Incubator Course trains participants in how to design, test, and scale programs that work.

Custom Course

Advanced Impact Evaluation

Advanced courses are typically offered as a three-day workshop and provide a detailed introduction to the use of randomized field experiments in development economics. Advanced courses have been offered in Paris, France; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cambridge, United States; and Santiago, Chile in the past.