Sendy Jasmine Karunia Hadi

Headshot of Karunia Jasmine Karunia Hadi

Reseaarch Asssociate , J-PAL Southeast Asia

Sendy Jasmine Karunia Hadi is a Research Associate at J-PAL Southeast Asia. She currently works on an intervention that focuses on reducing the rate of child marriage in Indonesia. Prior to joining J-PAL in July 2021, she worked as a research intern in several research institutes, such as J-PAL and Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM FEB UI), where she was exposed with various programs that covered the studies about poverty reduction and climate-resilient infrastructure, respectively. She was also a project intern in an NGO called UCLG Asia Pacific where she assisted the Regional Project Manager in implementing programs on smart cities and clean sanitation in both Indonesia and South Asia.

Sendy just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Indonesia with concentration on development and labor economics.