Le secteur Agriculture de J-PAL se concentre principalement sur l’optimisation des systèmes agricoles dans les pays en développement, sur les moyens d’aider les exploitants à adopter des pratiques ou des technologies rentables et respectueuses de l’environnement, ainsi que sur les programmes pouvant améliorer le lien entre agriculteurs et marchés.
Au niveau mondial, les trois quarts des personnes pauvres vivent à la campagne, et nombre d’entre elles dépendent directement ou indirectement de l’agriculture. Les technologies agricoles peuvent améliorer leurs conditions de vie grâce à de plus hauts rendements, de meilleurs prix, des risques réduits et une meilleure alimentation. Cependant, ces dispositifs (qui vont des semences enrichies à des produits financiers tels que la micro-assurance) se heurtent à une demande faible. Des chercheurs affiliés à J-PAL conduisent des recherches rigoureuses dans le but de tester de nouveaux leviers d’augmentation de la demande, de maîtriser les risques inhérents à l’agriculture, de renforcer le lien entre exploitants et marchés et de promouvoir des pratiques agricoles respectueuses de l’environnement.
Robert Darko Osei stands under a wood structure with a mule in the background.

Affiliate Spotlight: Robert Darko Osei on the intersection of agriculture, technology, and development

Robert Darko Osei is an associate professor at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research and Dean for the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Ghana. Robert also serves as co-chair of the Digital Agricultural Innovations and Services Initiative (DAISI), which funds...

Farmer in Kenya at work in field

Agricultural productivity and labor: Evidence and open questions for researchers

This blog offers insights and proposes questions on how farmers in Kenya can best utilize household and hired labor, in addition to agricultural technologies. 

A male farmer standing in a field of crops looks down at a mobile phone that he is holding.

Evidence for digital and bundled services: Framing a research agenda for the Digital Agricultural Innovations and Services Initiative

As the reach of digital agricultural services has grown rapidly within the last few years, building an evidence base on how these services should be designed, implemented, and scaled to best align with the priorities of small-scale producers is an important and timely issue—and one that J-PAL's...

A woman stands in front of a bookcase wearing a black jacket and glasses.

Affiliate Spotlight: Tavneet Suri on the importance of locally-grounded research

A weak internet connection did not stop J-PAL Africa Scientific Director Tavneet Suri from getting her point across in our interview: Good research is done with an ear to the ground and a connection to the community. Calling in from her home country of Kenya, Tavneet emphasized how important it is...

green watermelons being sold in open air market in Vietnam
Policy Insight

Incentivizing higher-quality agricultural outputs

Despite making investments in technologies and practices to improve the quality of their products, smallholder farmers in low- and middle-income countries do not often receive higher prices for their higher-quality agricultural goods. Disorganized markets with many intermediaries may make quality...

Farmers use mobile phones
Evidence to Policy

Phone-based technology for agricultural information delivery

In this Evidence to Policy case study, see how Precision Development leveraged findings from two randomized evaluations to create and diffuse a new mobile-phone based model for agricultural extension.

West African woman and children sitting on the edge of a dirt selling home grown produce

Earth Day 2022: Evidence for climate-resilient food systems and nutrition

The effects of climate change will worsen over the next thirty years and will disproportionately impact the world’s poorest people in many ways. In recognition of Earth Day 2022, we're highlighting how food systems, food security, and nutrition are particularly vulnerable to climate impacts.

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